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Colin Cowherd Says Andrew Luck Should Make the Hall of Fame

Colin Cowherd: “Did you know Andrew Luck is eligible for the Hall of Fame next year? I know what you’re saying... ‘COLIN, C’MON, HE ONLY PLAYED FOR SIX YEARS!’ Brevity of your career does not eliminate you. Gale Sayers, four great years, made it, he had knee injuries. Terrell Davis, four great years. ‘WELL, SUPER BOWLS!’ Yeah, well, Elway had a lot to do with those too. If you’re going to let ‘compilers’ into all these Hall of Fames—people who were very good and played for a long time, then I’m going to fight for ‘great for briefly.’ A lot of you love compilers. Your favorite local player who led the league in doubles four times and hit by pitches, and played 19 years... And was never the best player on his team. Andrew Luck did something that I don’t think Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Favre, Bradshaw, or Aikman could do. He took a horrible roster and went 11-5, 11-5, 11-5. Four Pro Bowls in five years, they never had a losing season when he was healthy. Which is remarkable because according to PFF, the Andrew Luck era had the 28th best defense, the 24th best rushing game, and a bottom six offensive line, and he got the AFC Championship. I don’t think Mahomes could do that. I hear guys getting into the Hall of Fame and I think ‘they weren’t worth a point’ [on the point spread]. Sandy Koufax had six great years, three phenomenal. Nobody has a problem calling him the best pitcher ever. It’s not called the ‘Hall of Really Good For a Really Long Time’, it’s the Hall of FAME. Being ‘great’, that is who’s famous, all-time stuff. Luck was impulsive when he retired right before the season and that didn’t sit right, but isn't his owner arguably as impulsive as any owner in the league? At least Luck had an excuse, he got the hell beat out of him. Those Colts teams were the opposite of today’s 49ers, they were awful everywhere except quarterback. I don’t think Brady goes 11-5, 11-5, 11-5 with one of the worst defenses, o-line, and no run game.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks retired former NFL quarterback Andrew Luck should make the Pro Football Hall of Fame despite the now-33-year-old Luck having played in just 86 career NFL games. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Luck’s ‘greatness’, although shortly lived, should deserve recognition the same way the careers of Sandy Koufax and Gale Sayers did even though they were very brief.

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