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Colin Cowherd: Why Foreign-Born NBA Players Are Now Better than Americans

Colin Cowherd: “Our domestic players from our systems, G-League, college, or wherever, will be the most popular and sell the most shoes... European players will dominate our league and win the titles. This last draft is a prime example. Wemby is mature, layered, and will make an immediate impact on the defensive end, and will probably be very good offensively too. Scoot Henderson will be more dynamic, more talked about many nights, but he can’t shoot. The European basketball system, I know it hurts, is better than ours. They value development, we value popularity and rushing you to the NBA. In Europe, their season is ‘WE’, in America our system is ‘ME.’ We’re looking for likes, our guys will get richer, Nike will love them... Their guys [European players] will win. Europe’s best young players are now the world’s best players. Their guys will have titles, our guys will have clout. If you asked me today ‘four players under-30 you’d build your franchise around’ -- Luka, Giannis, Jokic, and Wemby. The European system asks their young players to play against men at any earlier age. It beats them up, toughens them up, and layers them up, so they come in more matured, hardened, and ready to roll. It used to be that when Europeans came to the States they were often soft, or developmental players. Wemby will walk in year one and be a disruptor day one defensively, and year 2 he’ll add 27 a game. Fifteen years ago we got their guys who were developmental, now they come in, and score and defend immediately. I used to think the players were too soft in Europe, now I think our players are too distracted. That’s what IG does. Our players are more increasingly, Zion and Ja Morant, great players who are distracted. Their players are more mature, more skilled, played against older players, not about ‘popular’, it’s about getting good, skilled, and titles.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss what he thinks the future will entail for French phenom Victor Wembanyama, as Colin believes foreign-born players will continue to dominant the NBA hierarchy.  

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks international players are a more surefire bet to have successful NBA careers than college basketball stars from the United States.  

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