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Radio Host Calls LeBron the Most 'Fraudulent' and 'Fake' Athlete Ever

VeeJay Huskey: “You want attention [LeBron]? So I’m going to give you attention. You want attention, right? Because nobody is talking about you. Let’s get real. Have we talked about him?? Honestly, since the season ended have we said a word? It’s been Dame, Harden, free agency... In free agency no one made a sound. The Lakers got talked about because they kept some players, but nobody mentioned LeBron. He wasn’t being talked about so now: ‘OMG, THEY’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT ME! I’M THE KING! I’M THE CHOSEN ONE! He’s thinking ‘ME, ME, ME’. Dude, STOP. Everybody jumped on this the next day [LeBron’s ESPY speech], you can go to Dan Patrick, you can go to Colin, you can go to anybody, people that were even fans of him said ‘yeah, this is a little cringey.’ The biggest fraudulent, fake, major superstar there has ever been in sports. Is he a great basketball player, yes, is he one of the top 5-6 guys I’ve ever seen with my eyes, yes, but all this lame crap that you do—the narcissist show? And OMG he’s now going to change his number... I can’t with this dude. I get tired of hearing ‘YOU’RE A HATER!’, no, I’m watching the dude do lame stuff and I’m going to call it out. If he was my homeboy I would say chill, you don’t have to keep telling everyone that you’re the GOAT. ‘Some of you like me, and some of you hate me, but you WILL respect me and appreciate...’ Really? You’re going to tell me what the hell imma respect and appreciate now?? Are you kidding me? Shut up, dude.” 

Watch VeeJay Huskey on Fox Sports Weekends alongside Martin Weiss call out LeBron James for his obsessive and compulsive flirtation with the spotlight this NBA off-season, as LeBron continues to awkwardly keep producing attention-grabbing headlines.

Check out the segment above as Huskey calls LeBron the ‘biggest, fraudulent, fake, major superstar there has ever been in sports.’ 

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