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Colin Cowherd Presents This Hot NFL Take That 'No One Will Agree With'

Photo: Bryan Bennett

Colin Cowherd: “I have one sports take that no one agrees with. I think Mac Jones is a ‘B’ quarterback that has been treated like a ‘D’ quarterback. I think he’s very capable. Why do I think that? Because I watched his rookie year with average personnel. Personnel that drove Brady crazy. He walked in, 9-8, and had good numbers. Like better than Matt Ryan career numbers. One year starter in college; that’s pretty good. That’s my take that no one agrees with. I think Mac Jones is pretty good. I think he’s absolutely as good as Kirk Cousins, no question. Kirk Cousins is a ‘B’, Dak is a ‘B’ to a ‘B+’. I think he’s in that Derek Carr ‘B’ to ‘B+’. He literally has no number one receiver, no number one tight end. His college receivers were far better than his current Patriots receivers. His college backup receiver was Jaylen Waddle. That was the third receiver. That was better by far than any Patriots receiver. He has nothing to work with. They don’t have an elite tight end, they don’t have an elite offensive lineman, they have a good, not great back, they don’t have a number one receiver, and now he’s on his third coordinator in his third year. That is my sports take that nobody agrees with. Everybody thinks he’s no good, and I think he’s good but he’s being held back. Took Brady about three years to pop, it took Kirk another team to pop, not everybody pops early. Some people have slow growth. The great ones, Mahomes, Burrow, Lamar, Herbert, they’re great fast, but a lot of these guys just need help."

Jason McIntyre: “Do you know where Pro Football Focus graded Mac Jones last year as a starting quarterback?” 

Cowherd: “Interesting, he had a defensive coordinator as an OC, but go ahead!” 

McIntyre: “They have him at #28.” 

Cowherd: “What was he the year before when he had an offensive coordinator?” 

McIntyre: “Interesting! As a rookie he was #13. Ahead of Derek Carr and Matt Ryan.” 

Cowherd: “As a rookie to be 13th without elite talent surrounding you and a tone-deaf defensive coach, that ain’t bad. If Mac Jones hits the market, he’s going to have suitors.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss his only ‘sports take that no one agrees with’, as Colin has this bold NFL take that he’s never heard anyone else agree with him on. 

Check out the segment above as Colin defends unsung New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, who is mostly considered a pedestrian former Alabama QB in the public’s eye, but a player Colin thinks is just as good as Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr if given the right personnel and coaching around him.

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