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Doug Gottlieb Rips NFL Media Saying 'Stupid Crap' Supporting Running Backs

Rob Parker: “The NFL owners officially said ‘SCREW RUNNING BACKS’... These guys basically got nothing. I’m gonna say this, and I’m dead serious when I say this because this infuriates me. The NFL, with all these big, strong, fearless guys who have to do a lot to earn a living are cowards. They refuse to stand up to these owners for what they should be making. All the NFL does is flaunt how much money they make, but they don’t want to pay the running backs a fair wage.” 

Doug Gottlieb: “This is not in the Tom Brady land of bad takes, well maybe it is. If ‘Tom Brady is the luckiest of all time’ is the island of Australia, this is like New Zealand, close and connected to it. Like the owners are sitting there going ‘GUYS, WHO CAN WE SCREW THIS YEAR?! RUNNING BACKS! HAHA! LET’S NOT GIVE RUNNING BACKS MONEY!’ Or we can factor in there isn’t a second contract that is in the eight figure variety that feels like it’s a good one. And oh yea, by the way, $10 million is a pretty good wage. Only three other running backs are making more this year than Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, and Tony Pollard. Christian McCaffrey is one of them, he signed a gigantic deal. His deal was so ‘good’ that the Carolina Panthers couldn’t keep him healthy, ended up trading him, and the GM and head coach who agreed to that deal lost their jobs. Here’s the other part: they actually got better at running the football once they traded Christian McCaffrey. This is the most waste of time discussion ever. I heard Domonique Foxworth say ‘SAQUON BARKLEY NEEDS TO SIT OUT THE SEASON SO HE GETS AN APPROPRIATE CONTRACT!’ Dude, first of all, how about you own it, Dominique Foxworth? You were head of the Players Union and this is all part of what was collectively bargained upon. If you don’t like the system then you need to find another sport, because in this sport they collectively bargain, they agreed, and this is the way the deal works. There's no other business where people say this stupid crap on a daily basis. NONE. Let me give you a couple facts about the NFL. First, it is business and every business is structured differently in terms of how they pay their employees. This one is collectively bargained with a union. So, if you have an issue with it, take it up with your union. Owners don’t sit there and go ‘I SAVED THREE MILLION DOLLARS ON SAQUON BARKLEY! I CAN USE IT TO BUY ANOTHER BOAT!’ The money that is saved is spent elsewhere [on the roster]. It is an insane argument that lacks any sort of substance, and I’m so sick and tired of having it that you make me dislike the players who are arguing a ‘living wage.’ DUDE, THEY’RE MAKING $10 MILLION TO PLAY RUNNING BACK! It’s a position of declining value. If you can’t understand that, you need to Google basic economics.” (Full Segment Above) 

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out members of the mainstream media for publicly supporting NFL running backs in their pursuit of lucrative pay raises, as Gottlieb mocks the nonsensical parts of their arguments.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb calls the blind support of notable running backs like Saquon Barkley, Tony Pollard, and Josh Jacobs, the ‘most waste of time argument ever.’  

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