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Ex-NBA Star Compares Victor Wembanyama to Shawn Bradley: 'Not Buying Hype'

Chris Broussard: “Is there just way too much hype in this kid?” 

Olden Polynice: “I have been watching him for the last couple years. One of the things I love about the NBA is the fact they do know how to hype. They’re the biggest hype machine that there is. There is a lot of hype behind this and I’m not buying, I’m selling. I’ve watched him play against the better players over in Europe and they just completely dominate him. The bigger and stronger guys dominate him. He played in a good division but it’s nothing compared to the NBA. I’ve seen this movie before. I’ve seen Chet Holmgren, I’ve seen Bol Bol, I’ve seen Ralph Sampson—I've seen these guys that ‘OMG, THEY’RE OVER SEVEN FEET, THEY CAN HANDLE THE BALL LIKE A GUARD, THEY CAN PASS!’ I’ve seen this already.” 

Broussard: “So, he’s not going to be the GOAT, what’s he going to be?” 

Polynice: “He hopes to be better than Shawn Bradley in my opinion, I’m serious. I’m not even putting him in Yao Ming category... All the stuff he was doing overseas, it’s going to be very difficult to do in the NBA because the style of play that the Spurs run, Popovich is going to put him in the right situation, but instinctively he’s going to want to bring the ball up. Pop is not going to let a 7’5” guy bring the ball up. We’re all in the honeymoon phase right now. He hasn’t had a two-week road trip, he hasn’t done any of this stuff so he doesn’t know what to expect... We’re doing too much for so little. You don’t think teams are going to scout him and figure out certain things? They’re going to run schemes at him. He’s going to have to figure all these things out. One of the things about watching a player overseas—a lot of the guys he’s shooting over, they were like 6’5”, 6’6”. Now you’re going to have bigger, taller, and stronger guys that you’re going to have to be able to maneuver around and then they’ll be a double-team coming. There’s so many different components. Wait and see before running your mouth and saying ‘A, B, and C.’ I’ve seen this, that’s why I’m not so high on all of this. I’ve seen the ‘tall’ guys coming in thinking they’d make a big difference and they haven’t... Everything was set up for him [in Europe]. How are you NOT going to have a good year when you can take any shot you want, whenever you want? The other guys on the Spurs want to get their shots too.” (Full Segment Above) 

Listen to former NBA player Olden Polynice join The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Martin Weiss to explain why he’s not buying the immaculate hype around supposed rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama. 

Check out the segment above as Polynice, a 15-year NBA veteran, details why he has his doubts about the prospects of a 7’5” Frenchman dominating the league. 

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