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YouTuber Who Pretended to Sleep at a WNBA Game Banned From All NBA Events

Photo: Steph Chambers

YouTube prankster JiDion was reportedly banned from "all NBA related events" after multiple incidents in which he attempted to troll its women's counterpart league, the WNBA, reports.

JiDion, whose real name is Jidon Adams, showed up to an Atlanta Dream game in full pajamas and pretended to sleep while sitting courtside in a video uploaded on Thursday (July 20). Adams was given a warning by security, at which point he claimed he had a medical condition that requires him to sleep, before being removed from the arena.

"You are not allowed on the premises," a security guard is heard telling Adams in the video.

Adams then asks if he's "only banned from WNBA games," to which the guard replies, "all NBA-related events" and claims that the league was going to send the YouTuber's information to the NFL as well.

On Wednesday (July 19), Adams was seen courtside at a game between the Minnesota Lynx and Dallas Wings wearing pajamas and making several trolling comments before catching a loose ball and shooting at a goal, which resulted in him being kicked out of the arena.

“We will send you home tonight,” a staff member is heard saying in the video during the incident. “You might get a trespass from the team. You should have not taken a shot during the game.”

Several of Adams' fans have attempted to troll the WNBA's Instagram account with sleeping emojis to match the title of his video, 'Don't Sleep on the WNBA.'

The NBA hasn't released a statement in response to the video as of Friday (July 21) evening.

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