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Colin Cowherd on Sean Payton's Anti-Nathaniel Hackett Rant: 'I Love It'

Colin Cowherd: “Sean Payton took over a MESS in Denver and he unloaded on the situation he took over... I absolutely love Sean Payton and the confrontation to it. He’s flawed, he’s right, nothing he said was incorrect. There’s no BS, there’s no waffling. It’s ‘Pulp Fiction’, they’ve got a mess on their hands and they called in The Wolf. If you want to fix a culture you’ve got to nuke the old one. This is not a re-model; a tweak here and a tweak there. It’s a total rebuild. Hackett was completely over his skis and the GM from that team is still there, this may have been strategic. The older I get, the more I like this. We live in a world where the mob is constantly seeking an apology. People are easily offended. Yes, actions do offend me, words rarely do. Dana White said right in the middle of COVID ‘Im going to lease an island, don’t like? DON’T WATCH.’ He’s a man of action. Flawed, imperfect, but doesn’t cower when he gets criticized. Deion Sanders walked in [to Colorado] and said ‘here’s the door, we’re blowing this puppy up.’ Dana White and Deion Sanders have made mistakes, welcome to being human. I love this from Sean Payton. If you’re easily offended in the NFL, ‘OH, NO! HE STEPPED ON TOES!’ Whose toes? Hackett was completely over his skis and nothing he said was untrue. I love it... Sean Payton has gotta win, and he’s gotta win urgently. He doesn’t get a warm-up year. He’s gotta completely nuke this mess and I love it.”  

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the news on Sean Payton’s uncanny blowtorching of former Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett, as Colin actually says that he ‘loves’ the scorched earth policy that Payton is fronting in his first few weeks at the helm in Denver. 

Check out the segment above as Colin compares Payton to Dana White and Deion Sanders, as two unapologetic leaders who aren't going to waste anyone’s time with the task at hand. 

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