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Jason Whitlock Doesn't Believe LeBron and Bronny James Took COVID Vaccine

Jason Whitlock: “The first thing that I think of and why I'm a tiny bit hesitant to talk about the vax thing is because I think it's all speculative 1), but 2) and I'll lead in the speculation, the cynic in me doesn't think for one second LeBron James and his family took the vaccine. And if they did, LeBron's dumber than I thought. LeBron early on expressed some vaccine hesitancy that I thought was smart and the right instincts. I've always assumed that LeBron never took the vax and that he said that he did because that's what you have to do out in Hollywood, and if you're a celebrity, and if you're an influencer... But it's very difficult for me to believe that LeBron James, as great of an athlete as he is, as genetically blessed as he is, why would he take the vax? And then Lord have mercy, why would he let his young children?? Anybody with any common sense knows that this COVID thing had no impact on young people, and LeBron with all his wealth and everything, I just assume no way his boys, or little girl, or wife took the vaccine. I just sincerely believe that, or LeBron is just dumber than I thought... LeBron is one of the greatest athletes of all time, keeps himself in supreme shape, and had the initial skepticism about the vaccine-- it’s hard for me to believe that they actually talked him into taking it, and then talked his kids into taking it. I don’t know what schools his kids were going to, maybe his son couldn’t play on the basketball team if he didn’t take the vax, but even at that I would think they would have found out a way to fake the vaccine. I know plenty of people that paid $100 to get the fake vax or got some nurse to squirt the vax into a trash can and say they gave it to him. I just assume that’s what these athletes with all this money and resources did, and that’s why I’m a little bit uncomfortable just assuming that this is vax related. That goes a little bit with my discomfort with Jamie Foxx. All that money, all that access, and Jamie Foxx took the vax? Really?? I don’t think Joe Biden took the vax, I don’t think half of these people that are pretending to have taken the vax, I don’t believe they have but I could be wrong and we’re certainly having that discussion today about Bronny James. I see ‘myocarditis’ is trending over Twitter, and everybody is talking about whether Bronny James took the vax. I’d have to see some definitive proof. I need to see blood-work before I believe it.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss Monday’s news of LeBron James’ son Bronny suffering cardiac arrest at a USC basketball practice, including theories on why Bronny suffered the scary mishap, with Whitlock saying he doesn’t believe myocarditis from the COVID vaccine should be linked as a possible culprit to this incident simply because he doesn’t believe LeBron or his family is even the first place.

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