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Doug Gottlieb: 'Shut the F*ck Up' About the Rise of Soccer's Popularity

Rob Parker: "I’m here to tell you that it won't be long, and I’m going to give it 25 years, that soccer and baseball will overthrow the NFL and become the biggest things in this country. It’s not some hate on the NFL, the NFL is great, it’s Sunday, it’s once a week, it’s perfectly put together... But in this country as it turns more and more Hispanic, they will be the majority in this country and it ain’t 200 years from now. Not that Hispanic people don’t love football, [they’re] crazy about soccer, crazy about baseball."

Doug Gottlieb: “Rob loves baseball and i love baseball too, and baseball has done a lot of really, really smart things to make it more watchable and a better and more athletic game... But there are no metrics that say that baseball is going to increase in popularity when every number is pointing down. In regards to soccer, honestly, we need to shut the f*ck up about it being the ‘sport of the future’. I’m 47 years old, every year of my life soccer was supposed to be the ‘sport of the future.’ It doesn’t mean that soccer is not awesome, it’s just not our thing. Soccer is not going to become the most popular sport in America or more popular than the NFL because the Latino population likes it. They put four million people in Dodger stadium. Go look at the TV numbers [for the NFL], they’re ridiculous. There’s a bunch of other demographics not taken into account. Just because you’re Latino and may be a soccer fan, doesn’t mean that you're a sports fan. Soccer is hard to gamble on. Football isn’t, that’s why it’s so popular. Soccer will reach some level of popularity in the tier one sports when you go to a kid’s high school and say ‘who are the ten best athletes?’ and even one of them plays soccer. Will it see growth? Yeah, it’s going to grow. It’s going to grow, but there just isn’t years and years and years of passion. The Super Bowl has been going on for fifty f*cking years. I guarantee that there is a moment in your brain that you can pinpoint what you love about football. We don’t have that about soccer. Yes, Latinos make up 19% of the United States, you do know that Caucasians make up 60% of the United States? That’s a big hill to climb. Soccer is forever the ‘sport of the future’, never the present.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports Radio dispute a recent take his FSR colleague Rob Parker made about the belief that soccer and baseball will eventually surpass football in popularity 25 years from now in the United States.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb proclaims soccer loyalists need to ‘shut the f*ck up’ when it comes to trying to boldly predict its world supremacy ever catching on with American audiences the same way the NFL does. 

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