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Colin Cowherd Predicts the Winners and Losers of Every NFL Division

Colin Cowherd: “As the sport, due to safety concerns, has protected the quarterbacks, elevated the quarterbacks, and protected offensive players outside of running backs, I don’t think I remember a year when a division was more clearly defined top and bottom. We can argue about 2nd and 3rd place, but if you go through the divisions, overwhelmingly here’s how they landed. The first-place team in the AFC East would be the Bills based on their talent, they drafted to their weakness—offense, and the last would be the Patriots. They just don’t have offensive players in an offensive league that separate. AFC North the Bengals are the overwhelming favorite and should be with their offensive surplus. You can argue about who is going to finish in last, but ownership, quarterback, there’s a lot of questions about the Browns’ direction going forward. People like the momentum late in the year with Pittsburgh. There’s a lot of believers in Baltimore from PFF, to a lot of data that love the Ravens this year. In the AFC South people like the Jaguars easily to win the division, maybe the best record in the league. The bottom is two teams with new quarterbacks—the Texans and the Colts. AFC West, overwhelmingly, Chiefs win it, Raiders are last. In the NFC there is almost unanimous understanding. The Eagles will win the division, they should, best roster easily, the Commanders are last—new ownership hopefully helps. In the NFC North the Lions are the favorite, best offensive line, have shored up their defense, a lot of momentum, probably the best roster. Last place, the Packers and Bears will battle for it. We don’t know if Justin Fields or Jordan Love is ‘the guy.’ Fields has shown promise, Love we just have no proof. NFC South, Saints overwhelming favorite, can’t argue there. Derek Carr and that roster easily the class in terms of personnel in the division. Bucs are a mess, they’ll be in the running for Caleb Williams. In the NFC West, similarly, the Niners have the best roster, Cardinals easily the weakest roster.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd predict the winners of every NFL division as well as the team he believes will finish at the bottom, as Colin says the top and bottoms of every division is as clearly defined as it’s ever been in recent memory. 

Check out the segment above as Colin makes his picks division-by-division.

NFC East: Eagles (1st), Commanders (Last)

NFC South: Saints (1st), Bucs (Last)

NFC North: Lions (1st), Packers (Last)

NFC West: 49ers (1st), Cardinals (Last)

AFC East: Bills (1st), Patriots (Last)

AFC South: Jaguars (1st), Colts (Last)

AFC North: Bengals (1st), Browns (Last)

AFC West: Chiefs (1st), Raiders (Last)

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