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Colin Cowherd Unveils His AFC and NFC Playoff Predictions


Colin Cowherd: “In the AFC these would be my seven playoff teams... Bills win the AFC East, Bengals win the North, Jags win the South, Chiefs win the West. Right now my Wildcard teams: Dolphins, Ravens, Chargers. In the NFC: Eagles, Lions, Panthers, Niners are my division winners, Panthers are my surprise. Cowboys, Saints, Vikings as my wildcards. We’re selling too much stock on the Vikings, they’re a good team, they’re not going to go 0-11 in one-score games. The concern is that there are only three new playoff teams. In 33 consecutive NFL seasons, no exceptions, at least four new teams make the playoffs, so I’m one shy. There are teams I’m going to watch very closely: Miami Dolphins, I’m going to watch their health very closely. If they get banged up I’m going to go Jets. I’m going to watch the Ravens health very closely, their stars outside of Mark Andrews all get hurt. If they get banged up I’m going to go Steelers. That would put me at five new playoff teams. The best team that won’t make it in the AFC I think is going to be Steelers or Broncos. The best team in the NFC that won’t make it will be Seattle. I think we’re selling way too much stock on Minnesota. We don’t know if Detroit is going to have the next level, we don’t know what the Bears and Packers are, Minnesota is a really well-run organization—drafting, coach, good quarterback. I got the Cowboys back in because I do think defensively they’re a top five defense.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre release their AFC and NFC playoff predictions with the NFL’s Hall of Fame Game starting tomorrow night. 

In the AFC Colin has the four favorites most expected to win their divisions—Chiefs, Bills, Jaguars, and Bengals, with the Dolphins, Chargers, and Ravens making up his three wildcards. 

The NFC is less chalk for Colin as he has the Panthers as his biggest surprise champion out of the South, joining the Eagles, Lions, and Niners. Colin’s wildcards include the Cowboys, Vikings, and Saints. 

Check out the FULL segment above. 

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