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Colin Cowherd Supports the Big Ten's Leveling of 'Dying Conference' Pac-12

Colin Cowherd: “College football has too many awful games. There’s 130 teams and you may get five great games. College football has a ‘great game’ shortage. Labor Day has 80 games and two interest me. I’ve seen the attendance in the Pac-12, take away Washington and Huskie Stadium consistently and Autzen, Eugene... Empty seats, bad games, attendance dwindling, conference feels like it died five years ago. What are we ‘losing’, the Apple Cup?? No, we’re not, Washington has already said they’ll play Washington State. Are we losing the ‘Civil War’? No, Oregon says they wanna play Oregon State too. By adding Washington, Oregon, USC, UCLA to Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State—more BIG games, BIG stadiums, BIG fan bases, BIG TV crowds. You’re going to tell me when Michigan is at Washington, Oregon is at Penn State, and the Buckeyes are hosting USC, you’re not going to watch those games? Yeah, you’re going to miss out on that Arizona State/Oregon State battle! Nobody watched, I saw the ratings. Since college football pays for virtually everything on every campus, yeah, they lean into the TV networks. Somebody has got to pay the bills and it’s college football. The Pac-12 couldn’t line up a TV partner. Thinks about that, networks have bidding wars for pickleball, bass fishing, hot dog eating contests, and the Pac-12 couldn’t get a TV deal?? The Pac-12 was unstable, a dying conference, couldn’t get a TV or streaming deal lined up so Washington, Oregon, UCLA, and USC bolted. If I’m paying for everything [college football], darn right I’m going to look for more stability and a bigger TV contract. College football is literally paying for every program and have to pay all the bills. I love college football but it has had a great game shortage forever.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Pac-12's evisceration over the weekend with Oregon and Washington joining UCLA and USC in their exodus to the Big Ten, and explain why it shouldn’t be a surprise that the conference’s four most glamorous football programs made logical business decisions.  

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Pac-12's leveling is good for college football.

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