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Jason Whitlock on Megan Rapinoe: 'She's One of the Phoniest Athletes Ever'

Jason Whitlock: “I was thrilled with what happened on Sunday. ‘The Great Gay Hope’ ruined the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. I think their collapse mirrors the dissent of Megan Rapinoe. She’s made this whole thing the last three years about her brand and building herself up. The team looked like a sloppy mess throughout the group stage, tried to turn it on once they got to the knockout round, but ran into the wrong team who didn’t let them score, and once they got to penalty kicks, Rapinoe and a couple other girls choked, we lost and I’m thrilled about it. She goes out in a cloud of dust in infamy and failure, misses the penalty kick, they score four goals in four games, and they’re acting as if ‘WHAT A HEROIC RUN!’ This is their worst finish ever, they couldn’t pivot so they play a three-minute feature of Megan’s fiancé Sue Bird basically kissing her rear end. They acted like she went out like Kobe scoring 61 or John Elway diving into the end zone during the Super Bowl. [Plays Rapino video] Megan Rapinoe is Muhammad Ali according to Sue Bird and ESPN. To me, she’s one of the phoniest athletes of all time. I’ve got a nice project for her if she wants to prove how virtuous she is. She could start by getting her brother to leave the White supremacist prison gang he joined when he was in and out of prison. She should start there. And maybe she has. Maybe that will get her a Nobel Peace Prize. The only athlete I think is phonier than Megan Rapinoe is Colin Kaepernick. I came up with my list of the top 5 biggest phonies in sports—Colin Kaepernick is #1, Megan Rapinoe is #2, Andrew Tate a new addition is #3, LeBron James #4, and William ‘Lia’ Thomas the male/female swimmer is #5 with a ‘special mention’ for Bubba Wallace.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he’s ‘thrilled’ about the United States Women’s National Team being eliminated by Sweden in the World Cup over the weekend, with Whitlock dancing on the grave of Megan Rapinoe’s now-departed soccer career. 

Whitlock is already on record calling Rapinoe a ‘fraud’, an ‘attention wh*ore’, and the ‘feminist version of Andrew Tate’, and has previously labeled the women’s team ‘lying narcissists’ in their disingenuous pursuit of equal pay.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks Rapinoe is ‘one of the phoniest athletes of all time’, as Whitlock includes his rankings of the ‘Top 5 Biggest Phonies in Sports.’  

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