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Colin Cowherd on 'Uninspired' USWNT World Cup: 'People Are Catching Up'

Colin Cowherd: “It wasn’t their day and it wasn’t their tournament. No one has ever won back-to-back-to-back World Cups. Pele didn’t, Maradona didn’t, Ronaldo didn’t, Messi didn’t, Brazil didn’t, Argentina didn’t, and we weren't going to. This was a young team with a new coach, that’s not exactly a recipe for World Cup dominance. Fourteen new players and a coach I’m not sure is the right coach. Rebuilding dynasties is hard. It’s a global sport, we see it in the NBA. The best player right now is Giannis-- or is it Embiid, or is it Luka, or is it Jokic? Four players not from here. Wonderful players. Uniquely gifted. The last five NBA MVP's have all been foreign-born, people are catching up. Ronald Acuna of Venezuela might win the MVP. You watch our men’s World Cup team, they’re young, feisty, athletic, hella fast, they’re going to make noise in the next World Cup. It’s almost like we’re catching up to the World, Italy didn’t even make the World Cup last time. Megan Rapinoe summed it up nice—this sport is cruel, it’s dark, the best players in the world are put on a pedestal and then brought down because they miss a penalty kid. It’s also like Sweden, England, and other countries are catching up to us. They weren’t built to win. I don’t think they looked fluid offensively, they looked uninspired, were they in good shape? For as much youth why weren’t they faster? They weren't built to win this thing, no reason to be mad. Rebuilding dynasties is really, really hard.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the US Women’s National Team’s unceremonious exit from the World Cup over the weekend, which saw the world’s most dominant women’s soccer team get shockingly dumped in the round of 16 by Sweden.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the ‘uninspired’ Americans just weren’t meant to win their third consecutive World Cup  

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