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Johnny Manziel Downfall Proves NFL Teams Should Intrusively Vet Draft Picks

Colin Cowherd: “Johnny Manziel admits to watching no tape and is almost proud of it. That’s discouraging and hard to wrap your brain around. The media can be fragile and they don’t like when GMS and scouts come in and ask personal questions to players. It doesn’t bother me a bit and THIS is why. I give a free pass when it comes to the quarterback position. You ask ANYTHING you want to the quarterback. Mom and dad had a divorce, rumors about dad, brother and you don’t get along, cousins, family—I'm going a mile deep. I want to know everything. I don’t with my Mike linebacker, I don’t with a wide receiver, I don’t with a tight end, I don’t with a corner, but the face of my franchise? I want to know about Manziel’s childhood, I wanna know about his parents, did he grow up with too much money? This is an example of why you should have the right as a GM and a coach to ask any damn thing you want about that player going back to six years old. He would have told you what he is, he brags about what he is, and Cleveland went all-in. Ask questions, go deep, childhood, beyond, get uncomfortable, I want to know about all of it. What a calamity the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland was.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Johnny Manziel’s new Netflix documentary that dives into one of the most disappointing careers in NFL history, with Colin arguing that it proves how important pre-draft vetting interviews are despite the media claiming they're too intrusive and inhumane.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the media is too fragile in criticizing these player interviews, saying NFL teams should know EVERYTHING about a quarterback they’re about to draft no matter how personal it gets.

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