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'Hard Knocks' is Trying Hard to Make Aaron Rodgers Seem Like a Good Guy

Photo: Nick Cammett

Colin Cowherd: “My takeaway on the version of ‘Hard Knocks’ is Aaron is selling a new version of Aaron. He’s selling it to you, he’s selling it to me, he’s selling it to Saleh, he’s selling it to America, and he’s selling it to his teammates. It’s a sanitized presentation of social media. HBO and Aaron Rodgers are showing you that people are wrong, Aaron is a good guy, and it felt like a little overkill. Aaron and HBO are putting their best foot forward to make Aaron more likeable. Everything is okay, Aaron gets along with everybody, a lot of the stuff you heard on the internet about Green Bay is nonsense, this is a good guy, and whoever said bad stuff about Aaron, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Thirteen years ago I thought I was the first person and the only person as everybody was slobbering over his talent to ask real questions that needed to be asked. Why didn’t he get along with his brother? Why didn’t he get along with his parents? I don’t like his leadership, he seems prickly to me, there’s not a ‘foxhole’ quality, he’s not always embraceable, he’s a little snarky, I don’t love his personality for a star quarterback. Then cracks developed over the next 13 years where even journalists in his corner asked questions. I think he’s more than a ‘bailer’ than a ‘baller’, he has very come-from-behind wins, and tends to check out if he has a bad start. What HBO is for Aaron is a gift, it’s a re-brand. Tom [Brady] got this in Tampa. All of the sudden it was ‘fun Tom’, ‘party Tom’, ‘had too much of the Super Bowl celebration Tom’. It made Brady much less corporate, more human, and much more likeable. This is a chance to show Aaron is committed, he’s a good guy, he can handle New York, and I think HBO and Aaron are really smart people who have figured it out. This is a re-brand to show Aaron is a good guy, it’s all OK, he can get along with others, and he’s not as prickly as we thought. ” (Full Segment Above)  

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the first episode of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ series following training camp of the New York Jets, and explain why it’s pretty obvious that HBO is trying to conveniently elevate the appearance of Aaron Rodgers and prop him up as this new and improved ‘good guy.’ 

Check out the segment above as Colin compares it to Tom Brady’s transformation when he got to Tampa Bay in 20202 and suddenly seemed a lot more likeable and relatable to fans who previously didn’t care for him in New England.

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