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Jason Whitlock: Eric Bieniemy is a Position Coach Masquerading as an OC

Steve Kim: “I have a question about those players who went to complain to coach Rivera. I would love to know, were they the White players or the Black players? I thought the Black players wanted leadership that looked more like them? If it is Black players, shame on you guys. You guys have to make this work because don't you want more opportunities for coaches of your skin tone? Isn't that the big word, or does that not apply now if the guy screams too much?” 

Jason Whitlock: “I don’t think Black players have been leading the push—not in a real way—for Black coaches. FORMER Black players have been leading that push, sitting around talking on ESPN. The current ones—they want guys that can help them put up numbers, win games, and get big contracts. It’s all they care about. They could care less what color the coach is. Can he design an offense that will allow me to put up numbers, get a big contract, and win games. I’m not surprised if you look at his history with Travis Kelce and with Patrick Mahomes... Listen, Eric Bieniemy I think is a terrific position coach in the NFL. Old school guy, going to be hard on a player, great coach for Adrian Peterson. He’s been promoted, in my view, beyond his competence level to offensive coordinator. He rode Andy Reid’s coattails, and the media narrative and racial grievance industry to being the greatest offensive coordinator in history, and must be named the head coach. Now we haven’t even gotten out of his first training camp with a new organization and there’s already problems. I’m not surprised. I don’t expect this to go well, I’ve been skeptical of the whole thing. He’s a media creation, I’m not trying to beat up on him. He’s a position coach in the NFL. He got to hold that clipboard and pretend to be an offensive coordinator in Kansas City. The media used him to virtue-signal, and ‘LOOK AT HOW TOUGH I AM ON THE RACIST NFL!’, and now the Washington Commanders are going to have to deal with the reality of Eric Bieniemy. He’s a position coach that is operating as offensive coordinator, and I would tend to suspect Ron Rivera sees like ‘whoa, I got a running backs coach running my offense, and there’s more pressure now on whoever the quarterbacks coach is to help with the offense.’ To think, they haven’t made it through the first training camp! We’re not even halfway through training camp and there’s already an issue!” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock and Steve Kim of ‘Fearless’ discuss Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera’s startling public comments about players on the team having ‘concerns’ about Eric Bieniemy’s irritable intensity as Washington’s new offensive coordinator.  

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says he’s not surprised by the rough start from Bieniemy in his first stint as OC away from the Kansas City Chiefs, saying Bieniemy is a great position coach but a ‘media creation’ who simply rode the coattails of Andy Reid to a pedestal he never should have been on. 

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