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Former Chiefs Star Says Eric Bieniemy Does Not Relate to His Players

LeSean McCoy: “I said something about this in the past and everyone killed me for it... Eric Bieniemy will be a good head coach because he’s big on the ‘discipline’ and making everyone accountable. I’ve never seen him as a coordinator, he never really called plays, never installed no plays or anything like that. The thing that alarmed me the most was the relationships with the players. The one thing why Andy Reid is such a great coach – obviously the X’s and O’s part of it—but he can relate to players, he can understand them. He can adjust. When I had him at 20 years old to having him in 2019, he changed. You have to change with the times, and I think with Bieniemy, he’s still stuck in that old ‘back in the day’ where the coaches were cussing the players out. It’s not how it’s played nowadays. Even with coach Rivera talking about it, he said ‘it’s a different approach.’ I was a part of that Kansas City Chiefs championship team and it was terrible. One of the first things I noticed was how he talks to the players. If you notice, when the players speak of Eric Bieniemy they say ‘he’s a really, really good coach, he's disciplined, he cares, he has your back’; they don’t say nothing about how he’s teaching them, how he’s making them better, and you never would see that because he didn’t do a lot of that. When I was with him I didn’t see a lot of that. When Rivera talked about the players that are coming up to talk to him, these aren’t third-string guys, these aren’t second-string guys, these are starters. Like, hey coach, I’m all down for the tough coaching, but if you start whipping players and cursing them out you’re not getting the best out of them, and I think he doesn’t realize that times have changed.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch former All-Pro NFL running back and Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl champion LeSean McCoy join ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ to discuss Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera’s controversial recent comments on new Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy being ‘too intense’ for the players during practice. 

Check out the segment above as McCoy says his personal experiences with Bieniemy in 2019 mirror the concerns of the current Washington players, telling Cowherd that Bieniemy was too much of a disciplinarian to learn how to actually relate to his players, and was stuck in the ‘old days’ of militaristically cursing out his guys during practice.

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