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Colin Cowherd: Why the NY Jets Future is a Lot More Ominous Than We Think

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers has a first yesterday. It was the first time as the Jets quarterback that he faced another team. The Panthers have a pretty good front-seven and the offensive line for the Jets was a problem. Bryce Young was up and down the field, Aaron Rodgers—two-minute drill, three and out, and UGLY. Of course-- this offensive line is being duct taped. Aaron can smile at the Tonys, on HBO, and at the Knicks game, but he’ll get a little prickly when things start to emerge that he’s not used to. The Packers in 20 years, I do not ever recall them going into the season with a duct-taped offensive line. According to PFF, none of Aaron’s offensive lines in Green Bay were below-average and many of them were top 10. The Jets are now ranked at 23rd going into the season. They don’t have a tackle. The Packers have their flaws but in terms of drafting, stability, development, coaching, and organizationally, Green Bay is an excellent franchise. Aaron left a really well-run company for a poorly-run company that in the last decade has finished in last place seven times. Aaron has graduated out of running, he’s no longer going to buy you time, you have to give him time. He’s an older quarterback who is no longer buying you time. When you look at the instability at left tackle where they couldn’t protect Aaron vs. Carolina, the early schedule for the Jets is Buffalo, New England, Cowboys, Philadelphia, Chiefs, Broncos. Their weakness is the strength of many of the teams early in that schedule. Aaron lived the REAL Jets quarterback life yesterday: running, three-and-out, uncomfortable, not good on the edges—this franchise is a Duane Brown injury at left tackle from being a mess. Green Bay has top offensive lines every year. He went from a company with no chaos, although some self-created, and excellent support and protection to a circus he now has to save. Yesterday was his first dose of reality and it got uncomfortable like it did for Darnold and Zach Wilson.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss reports of Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets having a dreadful practice on Wednesday while competing in an inter-squad scrimmage with the Carolina Panthers, as Colin says it's Aaron’s first dose of ‘reality’ when it comes to being the starting quarterback of the Jets.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Jets season is on a lot more shaky ground than you think.

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