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Colin Cowherd: Why Dak Prescott Can't Be Depended On In 2023

Colin Cowherd: “The story early at Cowboys training camp has been ‘Wow, the Cowboys look really good defensively!’, and ‘man, Dak has been throwing a lot of picks again.’ There’s a clear correlation with Dak, and this is not something we’re going to argue over, it’s just the facts. When you ask Dak Prescott, the day he stepped into the league, the more you ask him to do, the more mistakes he makes. The best and most efficient year for Dak Prescott, believe it or not, was year one. Zeke was the best running back in the league, they had the best offensive line in the league, and Dak was on the cheap. He didn’t cost anything and you could fill holes. The Cowboys had the number two rush offense. But by year two we knew the truth. Zeke in year two was suspended six games, and in those six games Dak had five touchdown passes and seven picks, and a 76 passer rating. Dak has only been to two Pro Bowls, and both years he’s been to a Pro Bowl, Zeke led the NFL in rushing attempts and rushing yards. Last year Dak’s 15 picks led the league and he missed four starts. He had a passer rating of 91, worse than Daniel Jones. Why? Because Zeke was a shot fighter and the offensive line was in a rebuild. You needed more from Dak. In this training camp Zeke is not around, Brandin Cooks is new, Tony Pollard off a broken leg, o-line still in a bit of a rebuild, Zack Martin holding out, Dak is once again heavy on the turnovers. His most efficient year was the year they needed him to do the least. You keep telling me Dak is the frontman of a great band and every time he’s out there by himself there’s no hits. Last year he led the league in picks with a number one receiver, with two running backs, with an offensive coach, with a workable schedule—the NFC has never been weaker.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss reports of Dak Prescott struggling in Cowboys training camp, as Colin says it’s becoming painfully obvious that Prescott’s career peaked years ago. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Prescott at one point was looking like one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, only to later be exposed as a pedestrian, low-ceiling plebeian at the position.

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