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Jason McIntyre Says James Harden Could Be Playing in China This Season

Jason McIntyre: “I gotta wonder, if Harden is so dug in—we noticed he made this big statement in China...and do you know who is one of the most popular NBA players in China? James Harden. We just saw Lionel Messi turn down a billion dollars in Saudi Arabia. Lionel Messi said ‘I’ll go to MLS, get a chunk of the team and the Apple profits’... What if James Harden said ‘I’m sick of this Daryl Morey crap! No teams want me? That’s fine, I’ll go where I’m loved. I thought Houston loved me, they went after Fred VanVleet! Harden had been saying for weeks that’s where he wanted to go. So where does James Harden feel the love? The answer is China, sometimes you gotta feel the love, man.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason McIntyre explain why he thinks James Harden could potentially be taking his talents to China this year, with his disillusioned free agent market yielding quite a slice of humble pie for the former NBA’s Most Valuable Player. 

Harden spent this week ripping Philadelphia 76ers president and former Rockets confidant, Daryl Morey, calling him a ‘liar’, and appearing to be disgusted with Morey’s inability to move Harden like he had apparently promised him after Harden opted-in to the final year of his current deal.

Check out the segment above as McIntyre believes this could culminate in Harden playing in China, a country where he is beloved from his time in Houston—still China’s favorite NBA franchise because of Yao Ming—in the same route that Lionel Messi took spurring Saudi Arabia to play in the United States for MLS.

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