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Colin Cowherd Picks Seahawks to Win NFC West, Not Betting Favorite 49ers

Colin Cowherd: “I’m just going by my new theory—most productive quarterback last year, and do you bring back continuity with the head coach? That’s what blew up Denver last year; Russell Wilson—new team, new coach, new city, it was too many moving parts... We go to the NFC West, this is my change. Geno Smith was the most productive quarterback. Brock Purdy didn’t play enough games, Matt Stafford didn’t play a lot, and Kyler Murray didn’t. This was my revelation, so what am I doing here? Seattle had another good draft, the o-line was young, worn out at the end of last year, and should be better. Their first four draft picks are viewed as A’s across the board with two playmakers [Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Zach Charbonnet] and a star corner [Devon Witherspoon]… I was over-thinking Seattle and I was over-thinking the NFC West. Arizona is in a total rebuild, the Rams are in a semi-rebuild—there are some real weaknesses and most people have them at six wins, and San Francisco? Brock Purdy is not healthy, Trey Lance drama, Sam Darnold has looked better than both at practice and in their games. There’s just too much noise at quarterback even though they have the best roster. There is my revelation, most productive quarterback from last year, coaching continuity, Seattle [wins] the NFC West.” (Full segment above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s changing his NFL predictions for the upcoming season when it comes to his division winner in the NFC West, as Colin is now rolling with the Seattle Seahawks despite the San Francisco 49ers being the overwhelming betting favorite. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he’s not trusting San Francisco to remain atop the division even though Colin admits they are the most talented team of the group. 

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