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Colin Cowherd Says These Three NFL Contenders Could Implode This Season

Colin Cowherd: “There’s about three implosions every year in the NFL, and I’m not talking about like the Bears going on a losing streak—we didn’t have high hopes for them. I’m talking about teams that are ascending and talented. Last year Arizona was ascending, they were a playoff team. Implodes, coach fired, GM fired, quarterback pouted. Rams went from Super Bowl to 5-12, ‘McVay is going to retire!’ I'm talking about where there’s a physical, emotional, and cultural tire fire where everything just unravels for teams with high hopes. I do believe there are three teams in the NFL this year that fall into that category. Let’s start with Sean Payton and Russell Wilson. Remember, Russell Wilson’s major deal doesn’t start until next year. He’s in the final year of his Seattle contract, the GM who pulled that deal off is still in the building, and there’s new owners. If this thing goes sideways fast—Sean Payton is not a patient man and wants things done his way. If Russell is just OK, he’s going to be somewhat bitter. That GM who made the deal, he’ll probably be viewed as a bit of a roadblock. He’s already been outspoken during camp. Russell Wilson is not your classic pocket passer. He has to move to work. The problem with quarterbacks who move, they age FAST. Has Russell Wilson just aged and he’s never going to move again like he used to? Two other implosions to keep your eyes on... The Cleveland Browns. Kevin Stefanski’s wins have declined every year, Deshaun Watson hasn’t played much in the last two years, and the AFC has gotten very good at quarterback. The owner is impatient, star quarterback—is he a star? He’s certainly paid like it. The rest of the division is very good. It’s an annual tradition; Cleveland screws things up. High hopes, very good roster, elite people at the right spots, but Deshaun Watson at the end of last year looked rusty. Let’s say he dusts the rust off and is just a B+ quarterback? That will not do if you look at his contract. The third team is the Dallas Cowboys. Dak has got more on his plate, coming off leading the NFL in picks, had a rocky camp, Trevon Diggs talking trash to him, Mike McCarthy now calling plays, brilliant, young, progressive offensive coordinator Kellen Moore upgraded and went to the Chargers with Justin Herbert. There’s a chance they’ll be a little regression on defense. I like their defense but they led the NFL in takeaways back-to-back years, and that usually doesn’t last forever. The early schedule for an offense still trying to get the o-line right, running back room solidified—you got New England’s defense, Jets defense, Giants defense, Chargers defense, San Francisco defense [on the schedule]; there’s A LOT of potential turbulence with those defensive fronts and that OK Cowboys offensive line. And you have a perceived head coach in-waiting, with Dan Quinn on the staff. If they start 2-3 and you ask fans ‘what do you want to do with the coach?’ they’d say ‘get rid of McCarthy, move Dan Quinn up!’” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss which three NFL contenders he believes have a legitimate chance at busting this season and becoming the biggest disasters in the league similar to Rams, Cardinals, and Broncos of last season. 

Check out the season above as Colin details why he believes the Cowboys, Browns, and Broncos once again could be the classic example of a team loaded with talent and optimism who ends up free-falling into disgrace.

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