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Jason Whitlock: Michael Oher is Pretending Like He Was Exploited By Tuohys

Jason Whitlock: “Think this through, it makes perfect sense. You would be emotionally broken too if for the first 15 years of your life-- you’ve got 11 siblings, your mother is spitting out kids every nine months with some different dude, you don’t know your father, you’re living in the ghetto in one of the most violent cities in America—and this based on his own book, read it for yourself – this young boy, it was routine for he and his siblings to come home and the door would be locked and they couldn’t get into their apartment. It would so routine that they were like ‘oh, momma is on one again, might be back in two or three days after the crack runs out. Let's all scatter into the wind and go find a friend whose couch or floor we can sleep on, and whose food we can beg for.’ I’m reading this man’s own words, own book, this was commonplace. Do you understand what kind of trauma that would create in a child? It’s left deep scars on this man. Unaddressed scars. This man needs YEARS of therapy. Maybe he’s gotten it, I don’t know, but by the looks of it I don’t see it. He’s lashing out at people who tried to help him. Is this dude broke? What’s he whining about? ‘THEY DIDN’T ADOPT ME AND I WOULD HAVE HAD RIGHTS IF I WAS ADOPTED!’ Rights to what, an inheritance? To that $200 million they got for that family business? They owe you that because you moved into their house when you were a senior in high school and they told you they love you? They owe that to you? Let’s be real, they went above and beyond. It’s the very people you helped the most, without any expectation of anything in return, those are the very people who will turn on you and trash you at every turn... People want to talk about the movie with Michael Oher. He’s having to talk about THEM [the Tuohy family] and what THEY did for him, instead of what he wants to talk about—what he did for himself. I get it, but you got to have enough maturity, self-awareness, and gratitude that you’re not looking for that. He should be on his knees and anything that falls out of his mouth should be ‘man, God has been good to me, Lord have mercy. I was homeless, 6’4”, 300 pounds, and God put it on the heart of some White, rich couple to let my big butt in their home with their daughter who’s in the same school as me.’ Who does that?? Who brings a 6’4”, 300-pound person into their home with their daughter? ‘THEY JUST WANT HIM TO PLAY AT OLE MISS!’ This is an offensive tackle, cut it out. This ain’t Lamar Jackson, this ain’t Dan Marino, this ain’t a quarterback. This is an offensive tackle, he ain’t gonna make a bit of difference at Ole Miss. He could have been Willie Roaf and Anthony Munoz combined; Ole Miss wasn’t winning a National Championship because Michael Oher showed up. This guy’s lack of self-awareness is mind-blowing. I get it, people want to be the star of their own movie. He wants to go places and be the star of the Michael Oher movie. He’s tired of talking about the Tuohys. Here he is now, I think perhaps broke, he’s just had it up to here, and he’s got another book he’s trying to sell, so he’s out doing interviews. This man needs a biblical perspective and some humility. It’s embarrassing.... This is a racial shakedown. The whole Britney Spears and the use of the word ‘conservatorship’, it created an opportunity for Michael to throw that out there and to pretend like he was exploited. This mas has been in control of his own life and own decision making since he was three or four years old. The whole Britney Spears and the use of the word ‘conservatorship’, it created an opportunity for Michael to throw that out there and to pretend like he was exploited. This man has been in control of his own life and own decision-making pretty much since he was three or four years old. Go read his book. He went to school when he wanted, he ran away from homes when he wanted, he lived with his momma when he wanted, he went from house to house, to house. When he didn’t want to take Jimmy Sexton as an agent he made that decision. There are no allegations here that they [the Tuohy family] were negotiating his NFL contracts and milking him out of money. This family is independently wealthy, this is one of the most despicable stories that I’ve ever seen. It’s sad all the way around. This man is clearly broken and needs major counseling. It hammers home just how complicated and how negative we’ve made racial things here in America. Social media over the last 10-12 years changed the racial dynamic and Michael Oher realized ‘oh, I can basically blast this White family and try to milk them out of money, and social media is going to make the media back me up.' I’ve seen Colin Kaepernick use this tactic and ploy; he goes after his adoptive, White parents and the media sells it, and no one pushes back. Bubba Wallace gets to say ‘hey, they hung a noose in my garage and threaten to assassinate me...’ No one questions it, everybody just goes along with it. Michael Oher is sitting around, I think perhaps financially broken or not living the life that he wants to live-- ‘hey, that White family that showed me a lot of love when I was a young boy and no one in my entire family neglected me. Hey, they got a bunch of money, they seem happy, and Mrs. Tuohy’s brand is really strong, and that movie was good to her. The movie didn’t portray me the way I wanted to be portrayed!’ Trust me, if they ever make a movie about me, I’ll complain and say ‘hey man, why didn’t you make me 50-60 pounds lighter, I’m not that fat!’... Despicable.”

Watch Jason Whitlock of 'Fearless' call out former NFL player and real-life protagonist of 'The Blind Side' (2009), Michael Oher, for his recent public assault on the family who took him into their home when he was a homeless high school teenager in the early-00s, as Whitlock says Oher's desperate attempt to 'exploit' the Tuohy family is an 'embarrassing' and 'despicable' act that only someone as emotionally 'broken' and potentially broke as Oher would ever try to pull off years later.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he believes Oher became infatuated with the term 'conservatorship' after the highly publicized conservatorship between Britney Spears and her parents in 2021 shed the little-known legal process in an extremely negative light, and gave Oher the opportunity to gain pity of his situation through the media and execute a financial 'shakedown' of the Tuohy family in the process.

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