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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Michael Oher Needed a Conservatorship

Jason Whitlock: “Why did they seek a conservatorship at the outset? A lot of this had to do with the NCAA at the time. Here's what they're not saying in my opinion and here's what common sense tells me they're not saying. You get a conservatorship for someone who's 6’5” 300 and some odd pounds and is being recruited by all the top college football programs in the country, and all the experts are saying like ‘oh boy, if this guy plays his cards right he's gonna go to the NFL and he's going to make millions of dollars!’... So, you know why you would get Michael Oher a conservatorship? Because Michael Oher has 11 siblings who all grew up like him. Michael Oher has a father who abandoned him, who could-- depending on the situation, try to creep back into the picture. Or maybe he's dead, I don't know. Michael Oher has a mother who's addicted to crack cocaine, who birthed 11 kids. Most of these kids, according to Michael Oher's 2011 book, don't know their father, and just like him their mother would abandon them and leave them locked out of the house and disappear for three or four days at a time. They were scattered into the wind in foster homes. If you read Michael Oher's book, he loves his siblings-- he makes that crystal clear. So, you enter into a conservatorship so you can provide him his needs without getting in NCAA trouble, you can make some medical decisions for him while he's a kid and while he's in college, but you also enter into that conservatorship so that Michael Oher, if he comes into millions of dollars, can always tell these 11 siblings and his mamma or his daddy [tell them 'NO' to financial requests]. When you got 11 siblings by seven, eight, and nine different daddies, you know how many cousins you have? You know how many people you have begging you for money? And do you know what a luxury it would be to be able to tell people ‘man, my conservators, they're in charge of my money, man. Bruh, you know I would hook you up, dog, but you got to get it from the Tuohys!’ The Tuohys were a heat shield for Michael Oher to keep people up off his money. This man, all the way through up until his sophomore year of high school, he basically was completely uneducated. At age 15 he has no training, no life skills training, no education, and so at age 22, just seven years later, he might come into NFL millions as a first-round draft pick. Someone agreed to leave that conservatorship in place so that Michael Oher can tell anybody that asked: ‘hey dog, you got to get that from the Tuohys! I got a conservative!’ That's all they were doing. That's what this is about. Anybody with any common sense, anybody with any life experience, anybody that's ever had money knows what this is about. The conservatorship was a favor that they left in place so that Michael Oher could tell siblings, momma, girlfriend, baby momma-- ‘Hey, the Tuohys are my conservators, I don’t make those decisions.’ Everyone is running around saying ‘OHHH, THEY’RE IN CHARGE OF HIS MONEY!’ Michael Oher has made no allegation that the Tuohys stopped him from doing anything or buying anything. This was a deal that was put in place so they could support him while he was at Ole Miss, and then after that once he got into the NFL he was free to do whatever he wanted, but they left the conservatorship in place not because they were controlling him, but because they were giving him an out and an excuse to tell people ‘NO.’ If it was something more than that, Michael Oher would have made that allegation.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss his theory on why the controversial conservatorship between Michael Oher and the Tuohy family, which has been at the forefront of the backlash towards the real-life family from ‘The Blind Side’ movie, was actually meant to protect Oher.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why the conservatorship was meant as a ‘heat shield’ to protect Oher from the hangers-on that would have hounded him his entire career and ultimately turned him into another notable athlete who would be broke shortly after their playing career ended.

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