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Colin Cowherd: The End is Near For Trey Lance in San Francisco

Colin Cowherd: “A small faction of people in the Bay Area believe that Kyle Shanahan has it out for Trey Lance... They seriously believe this. All Kyle Shanahan wants, I can assure you this, is to get a Super Bowl ring like his rival McVay. Kooky 49ers bloggers are convinced they’re trying to ‘SABOTAGE’ Trey Lance. Folks, talent is not hard to spot. When Nick Wright got hired at FS1 I listened to 90 seconds of his radio tape and I told our bosses ‘hire that guy, he’s really funny.’ Now he’s on a hit show. It’s not that hard. It’s very easy to see Brock Purdy, based on what my eyes told me last year, is very good at getting the ball out quickly and accurately. My eyes also tell me very quickly that Sam Darnold has had the best camp of all their quarterbacks this year. And that Trey Lance; it just doesn’t look pretty and it’s not getting much better. It doesn’t mean he’s a bust, he just doesn’t fit on this Super Bowl roster. It’s no conspiracy theory, it’s right in front of you. Find all the great quarterbacks who POPPED in year three. Daniel Jones did not pop, he just got a legitimate coach. ‘WELL, AARON RODGERS!’ Different generation, and Aaron Rodgers sat behind a legend. If Trey Lance was great he’d be starting over Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold. You don’t pop in year three. He doesn’t look very good. He doesn’t throw a great ball, he’s not as twitchy as you think, he doesn’t have a lot of snaps, he’s really raw, he’s not getting considerably better... There’s no conspiracy theory here. Can we hold off on Kyle Shanahan ‘sabotaging’ something? He wants to win a Super Bowl, it’s the only thing he doesn’t have. It’s ALL he wants. If Trey could get him one, he would get all the snaps and he’d be the backup or the starter.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd punch back at any San Francisco 49ers media members or fans who are offended by the fact that third-year quarterback Trey Lance is potentially on his last legs as a member of the Niners, as Colin discusses an ongoing ‘conspiracy theory’ surrounding the former first-round pick.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why the end is near for Lance in San Francisco.  

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