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Jason Whitlock: How the NFL Feminized the Sport of Football

Jason Whitlock on Twitter: “Football died Saturday night in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when New England Patriots defensive back Isaiah Bolden collided with a teammate, laid motionless on the ground, and was carted off the field. Minutes later, the NFL made the call to end the game. Football’s death wasn’t acute. It was a slow, painful death that paralleled the rise of American feminism and the revolt against all things masculine. It’s really a damn shame.” 

Whitlock on the Megyn Kelly Show: “It's a new normal that we're establishing in professional football and just football in general since Damar Hamlin had to have CPR performed on him on the field during the Monday night football game last season. They ended up canceling that game. I’m a former college football player, I've covered football my entire life-- these types of injuries that Isaiah Bolden suffered are commonplace in football. We've been continuing with games for 70-80 years despite injuries like that. There was an NFL football player that died on the field and the game went on, but now we're in this new era of choosing safety over everything. I don't mean this to be diminishing, or condescending, or a negative statement, but I get why women choose safety. I think it's an instinctive thing when you have a womb and when a child develops inside you; you crave safety more than taking risk, and more than freedom. Men have always been more risk-taking and play fast and loose with our lives. We were roughnecks that fell off buildings building skyscrapers, Evil Knievel when I was a kid used to jump things--  cars and fountains on a motorcycle, and just do all kinds of silly things. Men take risks and that had been our nature. As the country has become more feminized and more matriarchal, men are now adverse to risk and we're starting to choose safety at all costs. They've normalized something in football now where ‘OH, MY GOD! THERE’S A BAD INJURY ON THE FIELD, WE BETTER SHUT THIS DOWN!’ Guys are making millions upon millions of dollars playing this game. They know the risk of the game, they just don't want to take the risk or suffer the consequences of that risk when guys used to do it all the time. In a preseason game 45 years ago--it's one of the most devastating hits in NFL history-- a New England Patriot wide receiver, Darryl Stingley, got hit by an Oakland Raider safety Jack Tatum and was paralyzed. The game continued and it was a pre-season game. I'm not saying this is right, but the Patriots got on an airplane and were ready to fly home while Darryl Stingley was still in the hospital and the opposing coach, John Madden, called them and was like ‘hey man, before y'all leave somebody better come over here and check on your player, Darryl Stingley in the hospital’, because John Madden was there. I'm not saying that's [right], I'm just telling you that's what the mentality of football used to be and now we're adopting a softer, ‘safety first’ mentality that's not healthy. This current mentality, if there was a civil war over slavery, most men would not participate. If we were back with Jim Crow and had laws on the books that penalized Black people, most men wouldn’t take the kind of risks, protest, face police dogs, and do all the things that they did to overcome that. There’s a reason why our nature to take risk is actually a healthy thing and needs to be protected, because that’s how we correct a lot of our problems by sacrificing our lives... Men just need to be men and draw some boundaries here. We wouldn’t have ended slavery with this current mentality. We wouldn’t have stormed the beaches of Normandy, and we wouldn’t built skyscrapers and fall to our death in search of progress because everybody is afraid to die. Men used to understand the consequences of progress. The guys who signed up for the Civil War knew that death was a real possibility, but we were willing to do that to have that progress happen. When you start creating a culture where everything is evaluated about ‘well, how safe is it going to be?’ ‘is there any risk involved?’ ‘Well, let’s don’t do it if it’s too risky.’ Men will not stand up as leaders and go ‘you know what? I’m not going for this.’ (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock join The Megyn Kelly Show to explain why the cancelling of the preseason game between the Packers and the Patriots because of Isaiah Bolden’s head injury further represented the ‘death of football’, and the feminized society that is slowly looking to eradicate masculinity. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why the sport of football continues to be sissified. 

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