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Trey Lance Has Ruined Dak Prescott's Future in Dallas

James Jones: “The [Trey Lance] trade means that Dak Prescott is in trouble. And I don’t mean ‘in trouble’ starting this year or starting next year, I’m saying he’s in trouble for a new contract. I’ve watched Coach McCarthy with Aaron Rodgers sit three years and come in there, develop him, and make him into the Aaron Rodgers that we see today. I’m not saying Trey Lance has that arm talent of Aaron Rodgers, but he likes to develop his quarterbacks and get him in there. As for Dak, led the league in interceptions, don’t really have a lot of confidence in him this year. If he does come out this year and he does throw some interceptions, then comes into next season and they don’t go far and win a championship, I truly believe that this trade to get him for a fourth-round pick was to let the Cowboys know that this is the future. I truly believe that. I don’t think Dak Prescott sees another three or four-year deal as a starting quarterback for the Cowboys with Trey Lance on the roster. I truly believe that Trey Lance is the future of this football team.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch former NFL player and FS1 ‘Speak’ host James Jones explain why he thinks the Trey Lance trade from San Francisco to Dallas seals Dak Prescott’s fate as a lame duck starting quarterback for the Cowboys.  

Check out the segment above as Jones details why he believes that the 30-year-old Prescott has earned his last contract with Dallas and how Lance would be Mike McCarthy’s next Aaron Rodgers-behind-Brett Favre QB-in-waiting.

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