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Jason Whitlock: 'Insanely Insecure' Deion Sanders Has Gone Full-LaVar Ball

Jason Whitlock: “Despite his athletic success, wealth, natural charm, and good looks, Deion Sanders is actually insanely insecure. He camouflages his self-doubt with gold chains, bluster, and bullying. He's 56 and insisted people refer to him as ‘Prime’, a secular, materialistic character he created as a child at Florida State. The lack of evolution and maturity are stunning. What's equally shocking is how many people play along with his cosplay. Most of the media celebrated Sanders' post-game antics. White reporters fear being labeled ‘racist.’ Black reporters fear being labeled ‘sellouts.’ The ex-jocks with a platform all want to be Deion and fear jeopardizing their invitation to speak to the Colorado football team. Deion ruined a fun, feel-good sports story. He needlessly racialized a game and demonized individuals who meant him no harm. I've tried my best to support Deion Sanders. I can't do it anymore. I spent the last six or seven years hoping Deion's proclaimed Christian faith would begin manifesting itself in his public behavior. I'm the same age as Deion. I've been every bit as worldly, insecure, and foolish as Sanders, but you live long enough and you begin to figure out that God's ways are superior to man's. Deion hasn't surrendered to that fact yet. It's disappointing, but he's rarely confronted with any hard truth. He loves the lies and dopamine of social media. It's where he hunts for recruits and develops his worldview. Twitter has convinced Sanders that White football fans and coaches feel ‘threatened’ by his skin color and ascension to head coach at a power five school. It's as if he's unaware that he replaced a Black head coach at Colorado and that Black players dominate most locker rooms. No one's ‘threatened’, Deion, they're annoyed. They're the same kind of annoyed as Eddie Robinson Jr., the head coach at Alabama State, an HBCU. Last year when Deion led Jackson State, Robinson beefed with Deion. Robinson infamously claimed that Dion ‘wasn’t SWAC.’ He and Deion nearly pushed and shoved with each other in the post-game handshake. Deion's lack of humility and loyalty, and out of control hypocrisy are annoying. Deion says he's coaching for kids but mostly talks about himself. Deion says he's coaching to uplift Black coaches but he hired White coordinators at Colorado. Deion says he's a follower of Jesus Christ but he completely ignores every scripture related to humility. On Monday, during an interview with Pat McAfee, Deion insinuated that TCU offensive coordinator Kendal Briles mistreated and/or ignored Shedeur Sanders when he was a high school recruit. Is Deion aware that the players he ran out of the Colorado program felt mistreated by him? Deion's hypocrisy runs so deep that it's impossible to discern what he actually believes in beyond self-promotion. Deion clearly cares what people think. Why else would he keep ‘receipts’ on what people think? His Colorado players will mirror his obsession with the thoughts of outsiders. Coaches beg their players to eliminate outside noise. Deion is elevating the importance of his critics-- the people bothered by his hypocrisy, and concerned that his ‘hey look at me’ coaching style will become the norm. Deion is expressing a feminine, morally bankrupt worldview and he’s passing it off as confidence and false bravado. He either is so devoid of self-reflection and understanding of the bigger picture that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he knows exactly what he’s doing – he's dressing up a harmful worldview, a feminine worldview, a demonic worldview. He's dressing it up and calling it Christianity and it bothers me. A 56-year-old man is insisting on other adults calling him ‘Prime.’ Calling him some materialistic nickname. A 56-year-old man is running around with gold chains on like a 19-year-old rapper. This is a level of insecurity and false bravado that’s frightening. This man is incredibly insecure. Nobody with his level of accomplishments, his good looks, his charm, should be beating their chest constantly ‘LOOK AT HOW GREAT I AM!’ Deion has no humility. None. And it’s frightening. It’s beneath the character of a 56-year-old. You should have been humbled by now and Deion is not humble.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless blast Colorado head coach Deion Sanders for tarnishing his Buffaloes’ colossal road victory over no. 17 ranked TCU on Saturday with his own self-promotion, and using the ‘race-card’ to demonize his so-called critics.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls out the ‘insanely insecure’ Coach Prime for regurgitating a false bravado and remaining devoid of self-reflection. 

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