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Nick Wright: Expect Broncos to Bench Russell Wilson This Season

Nick Wright: “Russell Wilson has not changed as a person, he’s changed as a player, and now we’re blaming who he’s always been on the decline of the player. Russell Wilson in 2015 was giving interviews to US Weekly talking about ‘celibacy before marriage.’ 2018 is when he did the ‘Mr. Unlimited’ video. The ‘Let’s Ride’ just replaced ‘Go Hawks.’ He’s always been this guy, he just also used to be a really good quarterback and now he’s not. I think there is a good chance that Baker Mayfield is the starting quarterback longer than Russ is. Two years, $10 million for Jarrett Stidham was no an accident. Sean Payton was not hired to fix Russell Wilson, he was hired to fix the Broncos. The easiest way is if you can fix Russell Wilson, but I guarantee you if you can’t, he [Sean Payton] is not going to go down with that ship because I guarantee you he thinks ‘I can win with Jarrett Stidham.’ He won with Jameis, he won with Taysom, who is a tight end and an H-back. I don’t think Russell Wilson is Sean Payton’s type of quarterback, and if it doesn’t start well I do not think it ends with Russ as the quarterback.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Nick Wright of FS1’s First Things First explain why he doesn’t think there isn’t any sort of assumed partnership between Russell Wilson and Sean Payton in Denver, and why he thinks there’s a chance Payton could easily want to pivot to backup QB Jarrett Stidham after previously figuring out ways to win in New Orleans with lesser-established quarterbacks like Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill. 

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