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Jason Whitlock Calls Out 'Morally Bankrupt' Deion Sanders

Jason Whitlock: Deion is expressing a feminine, morally bankrupt worldview and he’s passing it off as confidence and false bravado. He either is so devoid of self-reflection and understanding of the bigger picture that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he knows exactly what he’s doing – he's dressing up a harmful worldview, a feminine worldview, a demonic worldview. He's dressing it up and calling it Christianity and it bothers me. Anybody can course correct. If Deion course-corrects, if he hears, this is a pretty big receipt I am writing Deion. If he hears this as authentic criticism and course-corrects, or just self-evaluate, reflect. A 56-year-old man is insisting on other adults calling him ‘Prime', some materialistic nickname. A 56-year-old man is running around with gold chains on like a 19-year-old rapper. This is a level of insecurity and false bravado that’s frightening. Deion wrote an auto-biography, a memoir, and confessed in there that he contemplated suicide. And I've watched his behavior and I go 'yeah, I can see that.' This man is incredibly insecure. Nobody with his level of accomplishments, his good looks, his charm, should be beating their chest constantly ‘LOOK AT HOW GREAT I AM!’ Some of you will misinterpret some of the things I do on this show. I come on this show and crack jokes about how good I look. That's self-deprivation. I'm overweight, I'm in my 50s, I'm not a Deion Sanders, this is just me cracking a joke, blah, blah, blah. Deion has no humility. None. And it’s frightening. It’s beneath the character of a 56-year-old. If you've lived long enough, if you're watching the signs of what's going on with you and the world, you should have been humbled by now and Deion is not humble. It's dressed up as Christianity, it's offensive to me." (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless call out ‘Coach Prime’ Deion Sanders for his antics following Colorado’s shocking road win against TCU over the weekend as a near-three touchdown underdog, as Whitlock blasts ‘morally bankrupt’ Sanders for trying to pick a fight with non-existent adversaries in the media and around college football.

Check out the full segment below.

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