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Jason Whitlock Blasts Deion Sanders For Targeting White Reporters, Coaches

Deion Sanders talking about then-Florida State assistant coach Kendal Briles not showing Deion’s son Shedeur enough attention while at an FSU football camp while he in high school:  

Deion Sanders: “We went to a camp of a certain school [FSU], and a certain coordinator [Kendal Briles] we just played against [TCU]--he’s the offensive coordinator—HE was at that school, and we went to this school for camp and he didn’t pay him no attention. I don’t even think he barely spoke to him, he just pushed him off to the side. I went and told somebody saying ‘hey, man, that ain’t no way to treat him, that’s not right.’ He told me probably 20 minutes after the little situation happened, he said ‘Dad, we’ll never come back here again.’  

Jason Whitlock: “He’s not a kid that they weren’t interested in, they WERE interested in him. This is a tactic by Deion, he is clever with what he’s doing. Willie Taggart, a Black coach, was the coach when Kendal Briles was at Florida State. Deion doesn’t want to throw Willie under the bus, he found a White coach to throw under the bus, Kendal Briles. When you’re dealing with a kid with Shedeur’s talent and his dad’s connections to the university [Florida State], you got a LaVar Ball type situation but instead of LaVar Ball being some guy who played small-time college basketball and averaged 1 point, you’re talking about one of the greatest players in the history of football, played at Florida State, and now here’s his kid with some serious talent. There’s a likelihood that Willie Taggart said ‘hey man, we gotta be very careful with how we deal with Deion’s kid. No one make a mistake, let me do all the engagement with Deion and his son. Let me keep you out of it, I want you to be responsible, I don’t want you to say the wrong thing, Deion is temperamental’, and blah, blah, blah. I can almost guarantee you that those were the instructions to the assistant coaches. ‘I got this, this is a volatile situation, it’s Deion, Deion wants to be the coach here, he’s one of the greatest players to ever play here, he’s a huge platform, I’ll handle this.’ Kendal Briles was probably keeping his distance just to make sure nothing went wrong, but here’s Deion needing to throw Ed Werder under the bus, Kendal Briles under the bus, and White people in general under the bus so Black people feel good about Deion taking his talents to a predominantly White school and he can go ‘I GOT 75% BLACK KIDS IN MY LOCKER ROOM...’ It’s ALL a gimmick. [Referencing Deion’s awkward exchange with ESPN reporter Ed Werder after Colorado’s win over TCU]: In March of 2023, Ed Werder committed the ‘crime’ of referring to Deion Sanders as a ‘celebrity coach’ in a single tweet. Here’s the tweet:
'Colorado’s celebrity football coach has made #@CUBuffsFootball the most interesting program in the country. It’s no. 2 in merchandise sales, Folsom Field suites are sold out, and season-ticket renewal rate stands at 97%. #DeionSanders has created attention before his first win.’ 
“That’s all? That’s ALL Ed Werder had tweeted and Deion calls him out in the post-game press conference. Are you kidding me? Ed Werder is a very respected journalist. He’s not an even opinion-guy, he’s a reporter. He’s not like me, or Stephen A. Smith, or Shannon Sharpe, or any of these talking heads that spout controversial opinions all the time. Ed Werder sticks to the facts. No one has beef with Ed Werder... Deion Sanders is insanely insecure. He camouflages his self-doubt with gold chains, bluster, and bullying."

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless call out Deion Sanders for his fiery crusade against all his ‘critics’ following Colorado’s shocking road win over TCU, as Whitlock says Sanders’ targeted attacks were a self-serving anti-White diatribe to distract attention away from Sanders leaving an HBCU for a predominantly White school, Colorado.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Deion’s blasts of ESPN reporter Ed Werder and former Florida State assistant coach Kendal Briles were calculated.  

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