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Jason Whitlock: Why Deion Sanders is College Football's Biggest Fraud

Jason Whitlock: “As I watched Deion Sanders’ second interview with 60 Minutes, it occurred to me that ‘Coach Prime’ has more in common with Roy Johnson than Herman Boone. Johnson, a high school football coach, inspired the HBO documentary ‘B.S. High’. Boone, a high school football coach inspired the movie ‘Remember the Titans.’ Every football coach would love to be compared to Herman Boone. He led T.C. Williams High to an undefeated season and a state championship in 1971 while healing racial divisions within the team and Alexandria, Virginia. No one wants to be compared to Roy Johnson. He used an affiliation with a church to create a fake prep school Bishop Sycamore that lost basically every game they played while utilizing college-aged players. Johnson claimed he was ‘called by God’ to build B.S. High. Deion Sanders for the second time in a calendar year told 60 Minutes that he was called by God to rebuild a second college football program. Of the many things that Deion Sanders has done and said that make me uncomfortable with his short tenure at Colorado, it is his insistence on defining his actions as ‘God-inspired’ that bothers me the most. Money and security motivated Deion’s relocation to Boulder, Colorado, nothing else. God had nothing to do with it. Deion wanted to escape the poverty and crime of Jackson, Mississippi where he spent a little more than two years coaching at Jackson State University. I don’t have a problem with that, I have a problem with Deion lying about his motivation and lying about the brutal tactics he used to overhaul the Colorado roster. No one is spewing more lies this football season than Deion Sanders. He's college football’s golden calf. An idol to be worshiped by sports broadcasters, social media influencers, and sports fans ruled by racial idolatry. He’s won THREE major college football games and people are hailing him as the modern-day Bear Bryant. It’s a joke. The 19th ranked Buffaloes are greatly overrated. In-state rival Colorado State outplayed them and gave the game away with self-inflicted wounds. The transfer portal, NIL, and the total abandonment of ethics has fueled Colorado’s so-called ‘miraculous turnaround.’ You cannot compare what Deion Sanders is doing to the turnaround efforts of previous coaches because before the last two or three years no coach had the opportunity to overhaul their entire roster in one season. Great coaches were tasked with the job of coaching the kids they inherited better than their predecessor. Bill Synder, Nick Saban—these guys couldn’t snap their fingers and bring in 85 new players. Deion is not the mastermind of a miracle turnaround. He’s a brand that Colorado purchased and gave a blank check to to buy players and coaches. I don’t have a problem with it, that’s how the game is played right now. My problem is with Deion and the people selling it as some sort of righteous, godly, Black-empowering movement. It’s none of those things. It’s a money-grab by all parties—Deion and Colorado. It’s elitist and privileged. When you watched Colorado play Colorado State you could see the fraudulence everywhere. The man claiming ‘God’ as his motivating force invited the gangster rap world to his locker room, to his sideline, to Boulder, Colorado, to everywhere. The man claiming that God ‘did this’ and God ‘did that’, that’s Lil’ Wayne [leading them out of the locker room], not Rance Allen, it ain’t Tasha Cobbs, it ain’t Lauren Daigle, it’s Lil’ Wayne—nothing to with Christian. Let’s go to Key Glock in the locker room rapping to these guys. The ‘Glock’ comes from the gun. That’s in HIS [Deion’s] locker room. That’s the guy telling everybody that God told him to do this and that. The whole gangster rap community, that’s who Deion front and centered for all Boulder, Colorado, but this is a ‘God thing’? I’m supposed to allow this man to sit up and package what he’s doing as a God thing and I’m just supposed to let it ride? He can wrap up God however he wants, he can attach it to all these secular, wannabee thugs, all of that debauchery, all of that foolishness, he can attach it to THAT and say ‘this is a God thing, I’m doing this for God.’ REALLY? Stop it. Stop the lying. This is a ‘money’ thing, it’s a radical materialist thing, and this has nothing to do with uplifting Black people. This has everything to do with uplifting himself and other elites. // Boulder’s Black population is less than 1%. But ‘OH, THIS IS THE BLACKEST THING IN THE WORLD! GOD LED ME TO MY PEOPLE IN BOULDER COLORADO!’ ‘My people’ just happened to be less than 1% Black in Boulder, Colorado but this is where God told me to go. Deion packed up his brand, relocated, and evacuated Jackson, Mississippi, a city that is 83% Black to enrich a city with virtually no Black people. You evacuated Jackson, Mississippi so you could go make money for yourself and the people in Boulder, Colorado and the businesses in Boulder, Colorado where less than 1% is Black. ‘BLACK POWER!’ That’s how we keep it real.” (Full Segment Above)  

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless pick apart Deion Sanders and the Colorado football program’s swift rise to power in college football, as Whitlock calls out Deion for publicly attributing his coaching pilgrimage to guidance from his Christian faith.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock compares Sanders to infamous Bishop Sycamore football coach Roy Johnson, who used mischievous tactics related to dodgy ties with a Christian Church to create a bogus high school football program, adding that Sanders’ entire narrative is fraudulent as well, and simply a self-serving money grab.

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