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Jason Whitlock Says Deion Sanders' Arrogance Puts Colorado Players at Risk

Jason Whitlock: “Deion put a target on his team's back. Everything Deion has been doing has been putting a target on his team's back. I'm talking about since January or February when he went to Colorado and held the team meeting and told everybody ‘HIT THE TRANSFER PORTAL. I’M BRINGING LOUIS VUITTON HERE. I WANT FOUR AND FIVE-STARS HERE, I WANT THE BEST HERE.’ When Deion did that, that's the process of putting a target on your team's back. When Deion came out Week 1 after beating TCU and saying ‘I’M ABOUT TO GET COMFORTABLE UP IN HERE’, and everybody’s ‘threatened’ and frustrated that a Black coach is leading a locker room with 75% Black players-- that's when Deion racialized this whole thing and put a target on his team's back. If you're wondering why Henry Blackburn and those White offensive linemen, the Black defensive end for Colorado State-- all these guys that got all these unsportsmanlike conduct penalties trying to take little cheap shots at Colorado. Where's that animus coming from? I've seen this a million times. I've seen poor, working-class, disrespected Black kids go compete against the entitled, privileged, and well-funded White kids and do exactly that. ‘OH, YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN US? YOU THINK WE AIN’T NOTHING? YOU THINK WE’RE BENEATH YOU? I’LL SHOW YOU.’ I've seen it a million times. I've been one of them kids. You can't see it because you're so blinded by your racial idolatry—racism, that you can't see that Deion has done this to White kids and to all the teams. Jay Norvell is Black, his Black defensive coordinator, all them, they all fed into that energy that Deion has put out there that he's better than everybody else, he's the greatest thing to ever hit coaching, everybody's beneath us, everybody's uncomfortable with us... The entire Colorado State team, starting with their Black head coach, starting with their Black defensive coordinator, they hit Boulder, Colorado with a chip on their shoulder and an attitude, and told them kids in their locker room, Black and White, ‘these guys think you're beneath them.’ So they took that field with that attitude and they took their shots. Anybody that's watched and really understands sports among young kids, this has been going on for decades. FOR DECADES. Deion put a target, a bullseye on his kids’ back with his bloviating and arrogance. No different than when Jalen Rose went to go play Duke when he was in Michigan, and Chris Webber and Juwan Howard, and these guys took the court with an attitude about Duke because all of the media is worshiping Duke, Duke can do no wrong, and the Duke kids are better than the Michigan kids, better than the UNLV kids, better than everybody. I've seen Black athletes for decades tap into that energy, that emotion, that animus, and that feeling of disrespect, and occasionally they lose their mind and cross the line. That's what Henry Blackburn did. That's what I saw the Colorado State players do.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why he thinks Deion Sanders’ pompous and egotistical mission statement as Colorado’s head football coach has put a target on the backs of all his players for the rest of the season. 

Whitlock says that Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn’s dirty hurt on Buffaloes star Travis Hunter, and CSU’s bevy of ugly personal fouls last weekend vs. Colorado was reminiscent of a pissed off team that views Colorado like spoiled and privileged private school kids who think they’re better than everyone. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Colorado football the ‘Black Blue Devils’, and a team that many players and coaches are going to despise out of hostile bitterness, potentially leading to more personal fouls and premeditated cheap shots.

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