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Jason Whitlock: How Taylor Swift Could Destroy the NFL

Jason Whitlock: “The things that we’re seeing and witnessing in football, the elevation of Taylor Swift and Deion Sanders – these aren’t accidents. These are the final steps in overhauling and transitioning football into a total tool for the Left and their messaging. We built football—Christians, conservatives, patriots. WE built football and we’re just sitting back and looking at non-believers, liberals, and people that hate America take over football. The globalists, the seculars, the revolutionaries—are overtaking football and using it as a tool to promote their entire agenda. It’s not ‘just a game.’ If it was just a game, the Left wouldn’t force all their messaging down football. They need a vehicle to sell their message. Football is the only vehicle that drives 80 or 90 miles per hour anymore. You can’t do it with TV shows anymore. The shows that families used to gather round and watch together and then advertisers can force their agenda down your throat – they can’t do it anymore with regular TV shows. Football is the only thing that really matters and drives an audience, so they’ve overtaken it and they’ve loaded it up with their messaging. // They have turned football into their political platform. They created the political football that we’re all dealing with now, and it’s a ‘left-wing’ football. Taylor Swift is out leading voter registration drives intended to register left-wing voters, and voilà-- she just happens to pop up as the biggest star in all the NFL now because she’s dating Travis Kelce. Then NBC Sunday Night Football just so happens to be in New York the week after she hooks up with Travis Kelce in Kansas City, and all of Taylor Swift’s friends are at the game. Taylor Swift is pro-Abortion, Travis Kelce took a knee during the whole Colin Kaepernick mess, and Kelce’s is on-board with all this Left-wing matriarchal BS. They want that model out there for all men. ‘Hop on-board, the biggest and toughest football players are hopping on-board with the matriarchy!’, and being number two to some skanky music star, Taylor Swift. I know everybody loves Taylor Swift but she ain’t special. She's just another useful idiot, another tool being used to feminize America, and to make America a globalist country that’s anti-nationalism, that’s anti-God. Deion Sanders, the same thing. This is happening in conjunction in college and in pro football. The normalizing, the infusion of this whole NBA-style, ‘pop culture is everything’, rappers are everything, music stars are everything, what music stars are at the game, who’s on the sidelines... It’s no longer about the players on the field, it’s about who’s on the sidelines. Caleb Williams, the returning Heisman winner, was playing against Colorado and he was overshadowed by the coach on the sidelines. The selling point was the coach on the sideline and all the other rappers and entertainers he was attracting to the game. The spectacle of football is now bigger than the actual game. Because the spectacle comes with all these secular values, consumerism, materialism, and sexual degeneracy that they want to force down all of our throats. This stuff is all connected. Pop culture, rap music, Taylor Swift music—all of this stuff is selling transgenderism, the LGBTQ; all the secular values are being sold through this, and they’re injecting it into football. When you tune into football, it’s not about the kids on the field, it’s about the ‘message’ that come with the game. They want you drunk and high, and stupid. That’s what rappers and pop music stars are. They’re drunk, high, and stupid. This is who we’re putting in front of young people and making idols of idiots and degenerates? The blindest man should be able to see Deion and Taylor Swift, and what’s going on with football, and what that represents and what the agenda is. If you can’t see it, I feel sorry for you if you’re that stupid. This is not harmless. This is about taking one of the last institutions we have that at one point was promoting some decent values. This is an agenda to further corrupt and pervert an institution that had attempted to stand for something good, strong, masculine, and decent. Any time your sport has moved to a place where it's safer, more appropriate, and more celebrated to bring a rapper that has shot two people [DaBaby] to your locker room, than it is to bring Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas, you're doing something wrong. This is how perverted football has become. This is how important it's become to the Left and their overall agenda to suck us all away from our Christian values. To completely decouple football from the traditions that made it great. They're doing the same thing to the rest of society. Boycotting football is not the solution as it relates to the football season. We need to boycott the Super Bowl." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why he thinks the NFL's pursuit to shamelessly saturate their broadcasts and news cycles with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce content this month actually has a much deeper and ominous meaning that could spell the doom of football as we know it.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock describes the left-wing political agenda that he believes is being forcefully promoted to unsuspecting football audiences, with Whitlock adding that the ‘powers that be’ are using Swift as a Trojan horse to eventually brainwash fans. 

Here was Whitlock's full take in the first segment of the episode:

Jason Whitlock: “Colin Kaepernick will be remembered as a puberty blocker; the initial step in transitioning football from patriarchy to matriarchy. Deion Sanders and Taylor Swift are the doctors assigned to perform the gender-affirming surgery on America's pastime. They're the pop-culture icons being used to completely sever football from its traditional roots. Sanders and Swift are the two biggest stories in football, neither take the field. Sanders, an all-time great athlete, is a celebrity college coach. His 3-2, last place Pac-12 Colorado Buffaloes are the main draw in college football. Everybody loves Coach Prime. Black celebrities flock to one of the Whitest places in America to stand on the sideline next to Deion. Taylor Swift, of course, is a pop music star. She's two weeks into an arranged relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Sunday night, NBC opened its broadcast of the Chiefs-Jets game with Carson Daly explaining football to ‘Swifties’, Taylor's legion of fans. Sunday Night Football opened with CARSON DALY explaining football to Taylor Swift fans. The GAME is no longer the main thing, it's all the extras. It's Taylor Swift, it's everybody else, it's who's coming to the game—’OH, SHE BROUGHT BLAKE LIVELY!’ ‘OH, SHE BROUGHT STEPHANIE TURNER!’, that was the big deal before Sunday Night Football. Not Patrick Mahomes, not what was going on on the field, it was Taylor Swift and all of her buddies. This year, thanks to Sanders and Swift, the players on the field matter less than the celebrities on the sidelines. This is all by design. It's part of the feminization movement, it's part of making football more like basketball. The entrance into the locker room is now a fashion show runway. The games takes a back seat to promotion of consumerism. Deion hawks designer sunglasses at nearly every press conference. Sanders and Swift are mostly unaware of how they're being used to decouple football from Christian values, national patriotism, and top-down military authority. They just know the money's good. They're well compensated and highly celebrated useful idiots. Their role in the 2023 football season isn't some sort of organic surprise, it's orchestrated and well-planned. It's 30 years in the making. It's no different from the plan legendary NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle hatched 60 years ago when he told NFL Films to create highlight videos that analogize the league's games to military conflict. In order to unseat Major League Baseball, Rozelle created the myth that the most patriotic thing a God-fearing, red-blooded American man could do is spend his fall Sundays watching Jim Brown, Dick Butkus, Roger Staubach, and ‘Mean’ Joe Greene collide for three hours. Professional football has always been a virtue signal. Roger Goodell and the powers that be are simply changing the frequency to a signal that attracts the secular, the globalist, and the revolutionary. Being a Christian, I don't like the change. I can easily see the damaging consequences of this radical cultural shift. It's another step, perhaps the final step, towards cultural Marxism. Football is the last powerful force in American television. It's the only content that still drives large ratings and still brings in a disparate group of American citizens together across the political and racial spectrum. Football had been the only conservative institution the Left failed to conquer and reshape. Deion Sanders and Taylor Swift are planting the ‘mission accomplished’ flag for the Left. Most people can't see it. They think Deion Sanders and Taylor Swift -- ‘OH, THEY’RE HARMLESS ENTERTAINERS WHO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE!’ Deion loves to talk about his ‘Christian faith’ and love of Jesus... What do his actions say? His actions say that he is in love with the adulation of the world. A friend of the world is an enemy of God, that's the Bible, James 4:4. Bible makes it crystal clear. No one who takes their face seriously would invite the rapper ‘DaBaby’ to speak to college kids. Sanders did that last weekend before the Buffaloes played USC. DaBaby’s real name is ‘Jonathan Kirk.’ His original stage name was ‘Baby Jesus.’ Here's an alternate nickname for Jonathan Kirk: ‘Black Kyle Rittenhouse.’ Kirk has shot two people and killed one. He claimed self-defense in each shooting. OK, what's the difference between Kirk and Rittenhouse? Rittenhouse shot White people in self-defense; Kirk shot Black people in self-defense. Could a White coach keep his job if he invited Kyle Rittenhouse to speak to his team about ‘overcoming adversity’? Think that one through. There’s no difference between Rittenhouse and DaBaby besides DaBaby makes debaucherous rap songs, and DaBaby shot Black people and Rittenhouse shot White people. A couple of weeks ago I compared Sanders to Barack Obama, another icon who allowed people to feel good about themselves. Obama normalized racial idolatry and empowered the LGBTQ while pretending to be a Christian. Deion's impact on college football will be similar. In order to compete with him in recruiting, more and more college coaches will invite rappers and sex influencers -- Brittany Renner-- to speak to their teams. What's sad is that football does not need the support of rappers or pop music stars. Football is being used by Taylor Swift, DaBaby, and the dying music industry. Most of the music has become so unimaginative and degenerate that it can't reach, inspire, and motivate people the way it did in previous eras. The music has no real message. It's no longer a reflection of culture, it's only good for twerking and TikTok. Taylor Swift is popular but she's not important. She's one of a million Leftist celebrities promoting abortion and the matriarchy. She can sell out major venues without touching a single soul. Oliver Anthony is more important than Swift, that's why she's partnered with Kelce and the NFL. She's the big star, the NFL is the cultural force being injected with Marxist values. Sanders and Swift are football's latest Trojan horses. They're not harmless. I'm not going to apologize for rejecting them, but the truth is, we need to aim higher in our rebuke of what is happening to the game we Christians built in love. I don't think we should just walk away from or boycott football, we can't surrender every institution to the Left. We should fight back though; I have some solutions...” (Full Segment above) 

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