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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Why Colin Kaepernick's NFL Career is Over

Jason Whitlock: “Colin Kaepernick has written a letter to the New York Jets begging for a practice squad job. There’s already been plenty of proof but this is the final proof that this guy did one of the dumbest things in the world—torching his NFL career, and he regrets it. // The thing about his supporters—they're not going to admit that they were wrong. The people that fed Colin gas the entire time-- ‘YOU’RE DOING THE RIGHT THING! YOU’RE GETTING SCREWED OVER!’, and here is this guy seven years later at 35; this guy doesn’t know what to do. Someone else: ‘hey, I’m now working as a financial planner’, ‘I’ve started my own charity’, ‘I run this foundation’; he seems to not have any purpose in life, that’s why he’s willing to be a backup quarterback on the practice squad. He just wants something to do. I feel sorry for Kaepernick. This has been my contention since day 1—if the media had probably rebuked him in 2016, I think Colin Kaepernick would still be in the NFL. He would be a backup quarterback but I think he would still be in the NFL. Had he been properly rebuked in real time he would have moved on and just continued his playing career, but instead he’s locked into this deal and NOTHING improved. No one got anything out of this other than a handful of journalists got to garner Twitter followers off pretending to be this pro-Black social justice warrior. Communities aren’t safer, there’s not less death or police brutality. The people who gassed him up are more responsible than even Colin Kaepernick, because if he had been properly criticized he would have punted and still be playing football. // Here’s what Kaepernick’s legacy is, or what he accomplished... In the back of the end zone on one end it says ‘End Racism’, and on the other end zone it maybe says ‘It Takes All of Us.’ Those two slogans are what he accomplished, that’s his lasting legacy. That was really George Floyd, but Kaepernick laid the groundwork for that. Was it really worth it? The NFL has embraced some sloganeering, and Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin got $100 million to run around and act like they know how to fix criminal justice. THAT’S your legacy? At the time all this Kaepernick stuff was going down everybody kept saying ‘HE’S ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY!’ Is he on the right side of history seven years later? Is history judging him well? // The same enablers who talked Kaepernick and excused everything Kaepernick was doing – they're doing it all over again with Deion Sanders and trying to keep Deion above criticism. All the caping up for Deion Sanders, and ‘HE MUST BE PROTECTED!’, and ‘ANYONE THAT SAYS ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT DEION IS RACIST OR THEY’RE SELLOUTS!’ -- It’s the same people that think shielding Black public figures from any criticism is the key to making them successful. That’s just not the key, it’s stupid.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why he’s actually starting to feel sorry for unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, saying he Kaepernick was led down the wrong path by his exploitative handlers who ultimately torpedoed his once-promising NFL career.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details how empty and inconsequential he thinks Kaepernick's legacy turned out to be, and how he seems to be leading a rudderless side-career while he still wishes he was on an NFL roster. 

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