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Colin Cowherd: The Real Quarterback Who the Jets Should Trade For

Colin Cowherd: “Ryan Tannehill to the Jets... that’s interesting. I didn’t buy Kirk Cousins because he shrinks and New York is a pressure-cooker. Kirk Cousins is ‘one-o’clock window Kirk.’ He’s not pressure and New York City IS pressure. It’s a bad pass-blocking o-line and Kirk Cousins isn’t hyper-athletic. Bad o-line, Kirk Cousins, pressure—give me a break. Carson Wentz? The Jets already have a mobile, strong-armed quarterback with locker room issues. Isn’t that Carson Wentz’s label? Ryan Tannehill is different. He was a college receiver. Big, strong, and athletic, he can deal with a shaky pass-blocking line. He may be semi-limited but he doesn’t shrink in big games, he’s just not great. If he gets beat by Brady or Mahomes it’s just because he’s not as good. Kirk Cousins shrinks in spots. I don’t think Tannehill does, he just is what he is. Go back to Tannehill when Tennessee was the no. 1 seed. What was Tennessee? Defensive head coach, great defense, one star receiver, a strong run-game, and a shaky pass-blocking offensive line. What are the Jets? It’s the same team, it’s the same roster. This works, this makes sense. Tennessee has to give these young quarterbacks a look. Whether it works or not, let them play. It’s not a Super Bowl team and Vrabel is not going to get fired. I don’t think Saleh will. There were a lot of doubters about Ryan Tannehill is Miami, but he goes to Tennessee and they’re a no. 1 seed. Lotta doubters on Tannehill, third choice, goes to the Jets... you don’t think Tannehill, that defense, that run-game, star receiver...? He played at a major college program, he played in high-spotlight Miami, I think he could handle New York. I think he could overcome a bad pass-blocking o-line. He became a no. 1 seed in Tennessee. They could run-block but couldn’t pass-block.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the New York Jets should steer clear of Kirk Cousins as the replacement to Aaron Rodgers, offering another NFL veteran quarterback who Colin believes could win big in New York. 

Check out the segment above as Colin discusses the prospects of the Jets trading for Ryan Tannehill, who had a lot of success with defensive-minded, rush-heavy Tennessee Titans teams who closely resembled these current Jets.

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