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Chris Broussard Says This Quarterback Could Save the Jets Season

Chris Broussard: “I don’t mind them giving Zach a shot but at this point they gotta go get a quarterback. It’s not fair to the other players, you see the frustration of Garrett Wilson and other players on the sidelines. They got 14 games left and fortunately they somehow beat Buffalo in game one so they’re not out of it yet if they get a competent quarterback. I’m going to throw out a name, and I’ve never been a huge fan of this guy... CARSON WENTZ. His agent is calling the Jets. Look at these numbers:
2017: 33 TD, 7 INT 
2018: 21 TD, 7 INT 
2019: 27 TD, 7 INT 
2020: 16 TD, 15 INT 
2021: 27 TD, 7 INT 
2022: 11 TD, 9 INT 
I know the numbers aren’t great, especially 2022, but is there any universe where Zach Wilson SNIFFS those numbers?? I would take 27 and 7 right now if I were the Jets.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Chris Broussard of FS1’s ‘First Things First’ explain which veteran NFL quarterback he thinks could keep the New York Jets in the playoff hunt, and it’s not Kirk Cousins. 

Broussard believes it’s former NFL MVP-shoo in Carson Wentz, once considered one of the young phenoms of the league who has fallen on hard times as an anonymous free agent. 

Still just 30 years old, Broussard thinks the former no. 2 overall pick could take over for a flat-lining Zach Wilson, arguably the league’s worst player, and put up steady enough numbers to keep a very talented Jets roster in the playoff hunt for the rest of the season. 

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