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Jason Whitlock Says Deion Sanders' "Clown Show" at Colorado Will Soon Fail

Jason Whitlock: “I want to walk you through the football reasons why it's not going to work, and Oregon gave us a peak into the clown show that Deion is actually operating at Colorado. ‘IT’S GREAT! THEY WON THREE GAMES AND THEY ONLY WON ONE LAST YEAR! THEY’RE ALREADY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! HE’S ALREADY DONE A GREAT THING!’... The dude overturned his entire roster through the transfer portal. I think they said on TV they had 69 new scholarship players. You only have 85 scholarship players. I believe it's been said they have 86 new players total. Sixty-nine new scholarship players and 86 new players total. That's a total overhaul. He's not coaching the 1-11 team, he's coaching the new team that he brought in. So let me help you understand why this isn't going to work. Look at their offensive line, and everybody is now talking about how bad their offensive line is and ‘oh my gosh, Sheduer Sanders has been hit 60 times, the most in the nation! Look at how many times he got sacked! That offensive line is terrible!’... For the people that don't understand college football, he's not going to be able to bring in 69 new players next season. It may be difficult through the transfer portal to bring in 15 new players. That may be very difficult. You can transfer ONCE under these transfer portal rules, and so all the players that Deion brought in through the transfer portal -- the ones that he's dissatisfied with; when he puts a gun to their head this off-season the gun says ‘get out of football’, not ‘hit the transfer portal,’ they've already done that. They can't again. Now you have to go to high school recruiting. If you go to high school recruiting and look... All this hype and ‘Deion's put this magical environment together!’, and ‘everybody wants to play for Deion Sanders!’-- go look at the 2024 recruiting rankings. Colorado is ranked either 73rd or 75th depending on which poll you look at. There's time and there will be more recruits to come but right now he's 14th out of 16 schools in the Big 12 in recruiting. Recruits are not flocking to Colorado despite all the hype. Because just like Dan Lanning had a message for his team on Saturday, he's got a message for recruits as well. And so does Nick Saban, and Kirby Smart, and every other football coach in the country. They have a message and their message is ‘Hey, Deion is only there to shepherd Sheduer Sanders into the NFL. Deion is not there for long. He will not be at Colorado for very long. He’s there for his sons.’ if you go look at Deion's coaching history, it's always been about his sons. ‘Prime Prep’ was about coaching his sons, Jackson State was about coaching his sons, Colorado is about coaching his sons in an environment that he's comfortable in. He wasn't comfortable in Jackson, Mississippi, he’s very comfortable in Boulder, Colorado. So when Sheduer and Shilo head to the NFL these other coaches will say ‘Deion won’t be there.’ // Do you remember when Suge Knight called out P. Diddy for being in every ‘Bad Boy’ video? That's what's being done to Deion Sanders. ‘Coach Prime’ is there building the Coach Prime brand and Sheduer’s brand, and he pretends like he's interested in Travis Hunter's brand. But Coach Prime is about Coach Prime, he's P. Diddy and these other coaches are running around being Suge Knight: ‘I'm not going to be in the video, I'm gonna let YOU be the star of this football team.’... And that's resonating with people. There will be a handful of recruits, particularly maybe a handful of DBs that want to play for Coach Prime. Maybe some wide receivers, enough NIL money, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes to fixing that offensive line, that's a very small group of people that will be interested in what Deion has going on up in Colorado. You don't recruit offensive linemen, the ones you can count on game after game, day after day. You don't recruit those guys with rappers, weed, and NIL, you recruit them with a culture of respect that they realize their importance. So when Deion goes into a press conference last week and someone asked him about his 18-year-old starting center and he goes ‘WHO?’; if you don’t think these other coaches haven't taken that video to the offensive linemen that they're recruiting against with Colorado and said ‘this is what Deion thinks about his offensive line. WHO?? That’s a school for wide receivers, defensive backs, and Deion’s son at quarterback.’ Everybody else is an afterthought. For all of you people that think that some cover-cornerback is going to establish the kind of attitude and toughness in a team that it takes to create a consistent running game, and the toughness, the attitude, the intangibles that are necessary to create that environment -- Deion can't do it. He's a cover-corner. The most talented one that's ever played the game. He's not some technician that excelled at corner because of his technique. He's not some corner that was a beast in the run-game as well, he's a cover-corner. He knows nothing about what it takes to build the physicality within a team so that you can establish a running game, and that you can establish a tough-as-nails defensive environment. Go look at what Oregon did to Colorado, and the signs were there in the TCU game. They were there in the Colorado State, and were there in the Nebraska game but Nebraska just played so bad that it didn’t matter. This isn't a tough team. Not a physically tough team, it's not. There's some tough players. Deion's sons I'd put at the top of that list, but a tough team? No dice. Deion can’t create that. A cover-corner can’t create that and that’s what a head coach does. Y'all are so caught up in ‘DID YOU SEE DEION TALKING TO THAT WIDE RECEIVER JIMMY HORN AND TOLD HIM THAT HIS DADDY’S IN JAIL, AND HE’S LOOKING??’... and blah, blah. Deion’s doing a highlight video of Deion coaching. That ain't how you install toughness on a team, that's not how you create a consistent running game, it's not how you develop offensive linemen. It ain't stories about daddy's in jail, it's not a coach that's doing every TV interview, it's not a coach that's showing up in sunglasses, ain't looking nobody in the eye because he's got sunglasses on. That ain't it. A coach coaches his coaches. He transfers his energy and his values into his coaches. That's why Marty Schottenheimer teams could always run the football and play defense, because Marty Schottenheimer was that type of tough coach, and he coached his coaches in a way to bring out toughness in his entire team. Deion's not doing that. There will be no quick fixes of that offensive line and there won't be an ‘environment’ set up that allows an offensive line to mature and develop. They got the wrong head coach for that. They have a marketing guru, they have a brand ambassador, not a head coach. Ya’ll think that all it takes in college football is recruiting. And coaches say it all the time, ‘it’s about the players’. Most coaches are saying that as a way to be humble, and because they don't think you'll understand the little things that they do that actually matter to a team. If they really told you what they do and how they did it, 1) it would go over your head, and 2) you would think they were glossing themselves, so they just say ‘yeah, the talent is the only thing that matters, we just got to get the players’, and you buy into it. But a great coach knows that he does far more than that. That he coaches his coaches and sets an example with his coaches and energizes his coaches with a toughness and an attitude that they then transfer into their position groups. None of that is happening at Colorado. Trust me, if the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers, if their offensive linemen had the same mentality as Deion Sanders they wouldn’t have won no football games. When you play cover-corner you can be what Deion is. These other positions require something else that Deion doesn’t know how to give them.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why the Deion Sanders experiment at Colorado will ultimately fail miserably, and how Coach Prime is way over his head when it comes to being an actual football ‘coach’ and not just a celebrity hype man wearing a headset. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock lays out the reasons why the Colorado success story was simply a short-lived media creation that ignored common sense, and a fairy tale that was either being proliferated by casual football fans or narrative-driven media members.

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