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Nick Wright Says Jets Season is Already Over, New Quarterback Won't Help

Nick Wright: “It’s not tenable with Zach Wilson but because they didn’t acknowledge that right when Aaron got hurt, by the time they get a new quarterback and by the time the new quarterback plays the season will already be over. They’ve blown this. Sunday was a good example of why Jets fans need to let go of this idea ‘WE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT, HOW COULD WE HAVE ANTICIPATED THAT OUR QUARTERBACK WAS GOING TO GET HURT??’ Duane Brown is still on the IR even if Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles is not snapped. You made all of your off-season decisions based around who Aaron Rodgers is friends with. ‘Who should your offensive coordinator be?’ -- Aaron Rodgers’ buddy. ‘Who should your wide receivers be?’ -- Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb even though you have Elijah Moore. You signed Micole Hardman and he can’t get on the field. The reason poor Robert Saleh has to say ‘Zach Wilson is our quarterback’ is because their other quarterback is Tim Boyle, who’s qualification is ‘Aaron Rodgers’ buddy.’ Tim Boyle has thrown 108 passes in the NFL and managed for eight of them to be picks. In Division-I college he had one touchdown in his college career and 13 picks. That’s a true story, look it up. Yet he gets to be the Jets backup quarterback because Rodgers wanted another friend in the quarterback room. The Chiefs had their sixth-string receiver and punt-returner get hurt, you know what they did the week of? Elevated a new guy. The Jets had the quarterback that they built their entire off-season around get hurt and they changed nothing, and they’re like ‘WELL, WE THOUGHT ZACH WOULD BE GOOD.’ The idea of Zach Wilson being good is like if you have an exam in the morning and you sleep with the textbook under your pillow, like you’re going to learn from that. No, you’re not. Zach is going to be good because he’s in proximity of Aaron Rodgers?? NO.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Nick Wright of FS1’s ‘First Things First’ explain why the New York Jets dabbling in the quarterback market the next few months in the wake of Aaron Rodgers' season-ending injury will be a failure no matter who they trade for or pluck off the scrap heap in free agency, saying their season was already over when they sealed their fate believing Zach Wilson was a legitimate backup QB.

Watch the segment above as Wright mocks the Jets for letting Rodgers handpick his 'buddies' to join the team rather than filling roster spots and coaching positions with actual assets.

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