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Jason Whitlock Says 'False God' Deion Sanders' Success Will Be Short-Lived

Jason Whitlock: "For all of you people that think that some cover-cornerback is going to establish the kind of attitude and toughness in a team that it takes to create a consistent running game, and the toughness, the attitude, the intangibles that are necessary to create that environment -- Deion can't do it. He's a cover-corner. The most talented one that's ever played the game. He's not some technician that excelled at corner because of his technique. He's not some corner that was a beast in the run-game as well, he's a cover-corner. He knows nothing about what it takes to build the physicality within a team so that you can establish a running game, and that you can establish a tough-as-nails defensive environment. Go look at what Oregon did to Colorado, and the signs were there in the TCU game. They were there in the Colorado State, and were there in the Nebraska game but Nebraska just played so bad that it didn’t matter. This isn't a tough team. Not a physically tough team, it's not. There's some tough players. Deion's sons I'd put at the top of that list, but a tough team? No dice. Deion can’t create that. A cover-corner can’t create that and that’s what a head coach does. Y'all are so caught up in ‘DID YOU SEE DEION TALKING TO THAT WIDE RECEIVER JIMMY HORN AND TOLD HIM THAT HIS DADDY’S IN JAIL, AND HE’S LOOKING??’... and blah, blah. Deion’s doing a highlight video of Deion coaching. That ain't how you install toughness on a team, that's not how you create a consistent running game, it's not how you develop offensive linemen. It ain't stories about daddy's in jail, it's not a coach that's doing every TV interview, it's not a coach that's showing up in sunglasses, ain't looking nobody in the eye because he's got sunglasses on. That ain't it. A coach coaches his coaches. He transfers his energy and his values into his coaches. That's why Marty Schottenheimer teams could always run the football and play defense, because Marty Schottenheimer was that type of tough coach, and he coached his coaches in a way to bring out toughness in his entire team. Deion's not doing that. There will be no quick fixes of that offensive line and there won't be an ‘environment’ set up that allows an offensive line to mature and develop. They got the wrong head coach for that. They have a marketing guru, they have a brand ambassador, not a head coach. Ya’ll think that all it takes in college football is recruiting. And coaches say it all the time, ‘it’s about the players’. Most coaches are saying that as a way to be humble, and because they don't think you'll understand the little things that they do that actually matter to a team. If they really told you what they do and how they did it, 1) it would go over your head, and 2) you would think they were glossing themselves, so they just say ‘yeah, the talent is the only thing that matters, we just got to get the players’, and you buy into it. But a great coach knows that he does far more than that. That he coaches his coaches and sets an example with his coaches and energizes his coaches with a toughness and an attitude that they then transfer into their position groups. None of that is happening at Colorado. Trust me, if the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers, if their offensive linemen had the same mentality as Deion Sanders they wouldn’t have won no football games. When you play cover-corner you can be what Deion is. These other positions require something else that Deion doesn’t know how to give them because he's never thought about it. He's never had to think about it. He's not a real coach. I keep hearing 'JASON, GIVE DEION A BREAK!' Come up out of your idolatry, all of it. Idolatry blinds you from the truth. I just unpacked real truth to you, but it's your idolatry that's standing in the way of you accepting it. 'I LIKE DEION! AND HE'S BLACK! HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE HIM!' When you criticize Megan Rapinoe that's fine, she's White. When you criticize Josh Allen, that's fine, he's White. You criticize Mina Kimes, that's fine, she's Asian. Any of these people I criticize, no one complains. There's one group of idolatrous people that think 'WE'RE ABOVE CRITICISM AND IF YOU CRITICIZE US YOU HATE US!' No, I criticize people based off a set of values, not based off skin color. This is what racial idolatry does. You toss out your values and you start evaluating skin color. You're blinded from the truth and you will always make bad decisions. You will always bet on things that are not sustainable. I got people who know nothing about football, and trust me-- watching football doesn't mean you know anything about football. Ya'll think it's a video game, ya'll think it's Madden, ya'll think it's NCAA Football Dynasty Mode, and 'IF I JUST RECRUIT THE RIGHT PLAYERS AND SIMULATE A SEASON OR TWO, THEY'RE ALL GONNA BE GREAT PLAYERS.' Your mind has been tricked by video games into thinking THAT'S what's important. It's not. That's not what builds great teams. That's not great leadership from a coach. I'm evaluating Deion Sanders from a values perspective, and his values are not in alignment with what makes a great team and what's sustainable. The materialism and lack of humility is so obvious and I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings. For all of you who think Deion is just going to hit the recruiting trail and it's going to be magically fixed-- you don't know a damn thing about football, NOTHING. Hate me all you want but you don't know anything about football. Deion was a great player but he's not a leader. The man at one point said 'there is no talent gap' and then at the same press conference five minutes later it was 'you better get me now', with that inference that he knows what they need and knows what they're going to replace it with. It's all about Deion, it's not 'US', it's not 'WE'. Deion talks about 'ME' all the time. That's not what leaders and head coaches do. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, I'm sorry if that makes Deion your idol and that bothers you but those are FACTS. Deion thinks, because he's an inexperienced coach, that he's going to replace these players and once he replaces them they're going to be better than these guys who are here now. It's not that easy. You have to drop talent into the right environment. This whole AAU experiment that he has going on, it's not sustainable. Deion talked about 'putting a target on our back' and how the target is on him. What a good coach doesn't do, he doesn't put his own team at a disadvantage. He doesn't provide extra motivation for the opposition, and that's what Deion has done. He put a target on his kid's back and teams are taking Deion personally. Did anyone see the Oregon kids post-game? The BLACK Oregon kids? That were flashing watches at Sheduer? There was an Oregon defensive line in the post-game press conference talking about how Deion 'disrespected' them with comments he said about his offensive line and 'dominating' the game. Deion has put a target on his kids' back and he's in denial if he doesn't think that's having an impact on why Colorado State beat them up physically, should have won that game, and was part of the reason why they were so beaten up and looked like 'hot garbage' in Deion's words against Oregon. He's made the road harder for his kids. Deion could put a target on HIS back. He had so much talent as an individual player and be perfectly fine. You can't do that to your team. They can't walk-the-walk that Deion talks, coaches realize that and they take a more mature approach than Deion than making everybody get extra hyped because they wanna take Deion down. You can blame it on 'racism' -- those are BLACK kids that were out there all fired up wanting to put it on Colorado and Deion." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless call out the 'Clown show' of Deion Sanders and Colorado football, and explain why he doesn't think Sanders' coaching model is not sustainable led by an individual in Sanders who Whitlock doesn't call a 'real coach.'

Check out the segment above as Whitlock has a message to Deion's most vocal supporters who 'don't understand football' and just want to worship Deion because his success would advance their own self-serving narrative.

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