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Jason Whitlock: How Dating Taylor Swift Could Hurt Travis Kelce's Career

Jason Whitlock: “Part of the bag that Travis Kelce has received for hopping on-board with Bud Light and Pfizer is Taylor Swift. And you think I’m joking when I say that but that is part of the bag. When you sell out, when you’re willing to throw away all of your value and hand your balls away and give them to a woman to put in a jar they’ll send you the best in the business. They’ll send you one of the biggest icons in all of the world. Pardon me for the racial idolatry of this next statement but Travis Kelce had let off every sign that he liked big booty Black women, but in order to get him on-board with Pfizer and Bud Light they had to promise him a little skinny White girl. I ain’t mad at him, he’s versatile or whatever, but that is part of the deal here as it relates to Travis Kelce. Bud Light makes a fool of itself, ruins its business putting this transgender man on a beer can, and here comes Travis Kelce to the rescue. Travis Kelce, one of the biggest football stars, tough guy, headed to the Hall of Fame—Bud Light in trouble... yeah, he’ll fix it! He’ll cape up for Bud Light. Wherever the bag is. That’s what these athletes will go for, they don’t stand for anything. Now he comes back with another bag from Pfizer promoting the vaccine. What professional athlete in the prime of his life and health would be out promoting the vaccine given all the data about the injuries and what not? They ALL virtually would because they’re all controlled by money. They’re radical materialists. They don’t have a set of values they stick to. They want you to worship these guys and look up to them because they want to normalize ‘hey, I don’t have a set of values, I do whatever the money tells me to do!' Now Travis Kelce has been promised Taylor Swift and he’s going to lose bit more of his manhood. I want to give you men some advice about these ‘career’ women, and I want to apologize to ‘career’ women up-front if you’re offended by this. AVOID THEM. Because YOU need to be in control, YOU need to be man of your house and your relationship. Travis Kelce, as long as he’s involved with Taylor Swift-- he's got no shot. Look at Russell Wilson and why he’s gone down the toilet ever since involving himself with Ciara, and why he’s been putting out all these little phony videos, and afraid to just be who he is. He married one of these celebrity career-women. AVOID them. Kim Kardashian, what she did to Kanye West. And I’m sure Kanye West did some things to her, but you want to get involved with these celebrities you got to throw [away] all your beliefs, and what you think doesn’t matter. You have to compromise everything. Kelce will have to be a hardcore leftist to maintain this relationship with Taylor Swift because that’s what her industry requires and that’s what the sports industry now requires. If they tell you Bud Light needs to go bail them out, you got to run in there and bail them out. If they say ‘we need a big, strong athlete to go tell people to take this vaccine’, you gotta run in there and tell them to take the vaccine. What man worth millions of dollars would involve himself in the whole vaccine debate on one side or the other? A football playerl you don’t know nothing really about it. Why would you want to be in a commercial promoting something you really don’t know anything about? Because your handlers told you to and there was a check that went along with it? Why not just stand down and stay out of it because you’re not qualified? But that’s not what these athletes do. The whole entertainment industry is rigged up for clowns willing to participate in a circus, and do what they’re trained to do, and what they’re told to do. It’s a clown show.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why he thinks Travis Kelce could be heading down an ominous career-path by connecting himself with country-music megastar Taylor Swift, saying Kelce is soon going to leave his ‘balls in a jar’ like increasingly washed up NFL quarterback Russell Wilson did for singer Ciara.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock blasts Kelce for ‘chasing the bag’ and suddenly becoming a polarizing corporate puppet.

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