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Jason Whitlock Says Deion Sanders 'Has No Idea What He's Doing' at Colorado

Jason Whitlock on Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe finally being critical of Deion Sanders and Colorado after their 29-point collapse to Stanford: “The Deion groupies got their marching orders from Coach Prime. ‘Criticize the team.’ These are authorized hits. Deion has told them ‘criticize my team’ because Deion is trying to coach his team through the media. This is part of my problem with Deion. He’s allowed in all of this outside noise. Everybody in corporate media has been to the Colorado sidelines, the locker room, their practice facilities... ‘EVERYBODY, COME TO COLORADO FOOTBALL GAMES, COME CARAVAN AND SPEND SOME TIME WITH DEION!’ All of that is a message to the players that all of these outside voices – they really matter. ‘Prime wants to us to listen to them!’ And you’re wondering why it’s the most undisciplined team in all of college football. They rank 133 out of 133 FBS football teams in terms of penalties. It’s all the outside noise. And now Deion thinks ‘Imma have Stephen A. criticize criticize my son on TV!' Deion co-signed this stuff. He put out a tweet saying ‘Stephen A. Smith’s criticism is accurate, now let’s move on.’ He’s pointing his players to the outside voices. This is coaching insanity. This is coaching malpractice. He’s elevating all the outside noise and voices and he’s wondering why the message isn't getting through to his team and why he’s got the most undisciplined team in college football. It’s right here in front of your face. // [On Shedeur Sanders flashing a luxury watch to opposing student sections after wins] If you think Deion hasn’t created the environment for Shedeur to act that way... I can’t remember if it was the TCU game or the Colorado State game – they showed Deion on the sidelines during the game helping Shilo, his other son, fasten his gold chain back around his neck. In the history of college and professional football there has never been a head coach in the middle of a game who’s helping a player get his gold chain on, get his drop right, in the middle of a game. It’s NEVER happened. I’m telling you, this guy has no idea what he’s doing as a head coach. He’s created an environment. You’re wondering why they’re selling ‘merch’ at halftime of the game? Everything that Deion is doing is about selling merch. It’s about selling sunglasses, it’s about selling ‘Coach Prime’, it’s about 60 Minutes interviews, First Take interviews, Undisputed interviews, Barstool interviews, EVERYBODY gets an interview... He’s Oprah Winfrey. He’s running a television show, not a football team, and we’re wondering why they’re the most penalized team? Seventeen accepted penalties?? They probably got 20 flags in that Stanford game and it’s part of the reason it cost them the game, and we’re wondering why? The head coach sets the tone. The head coach is sitting there with a big gold chain, sunglasses, and a hoodie on and you’re wondering why? The coach is worried about his ‘drip’ and how HE looks. His son is obviously telling someone on the field ‘HEY, BRING MY ROLEX WATCH SO I CAN PUT IT ON AFTER THE GAME!’ Deion is allowing that. Don’t blame the kid, blame Deion.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless blast Deion Sanders for his suddenly shaky Colorado tenure that finally has his Power 5 honeymoon yielding a head coach who may be way over his skis. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock discusses Colorado having more penalties than any team in FBS and how that’s a testament to the untethered circus Sanders is running in Boulder.  

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