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Jason Whitlock: Why Deion Sanders' Demise at Colorado Was So Predictable

Jason Whitlock: “This thing with Deion, everybody who knows anything about football could see where this was headed, and IS headed. I was the one who had to tell you all because everybody was ‘OH, MAN, DEION IS SO RELATABLE! THE RECRUITS LOVE HIM!’ And I was like, hold up, have you checked the recruiting rankings? Have you looked? He’s not dominating the recruiting ranks. It’s not working. Just this past week, a kid named Winston Watkins, a big-time recruit out of Florida, the first player that was ever recruited to Deion at Colorado... In December 2022 he committed to Colorado and then he just de-committed last week. He can see where this is headed. Anybody with a brain can see where this is headed. This is all about Shedeur Sanders, Deion’s son the quarterback. And when Shedeur is done, so is Deion. So Winston Watkins is like ‘Well, I’m out of here. Let me go somewhere else where it’s real, where it’s not a circus, where you can actually be put in an environment where your skills and talents are developed for the NFL and the next level.’ They’re not developing anything, and I’m even talking about Shedeur. This all-pass offense, no one in to help the offensive tackles or offensive line pass block – Shedeur is getting the crap beat out of him. That’s on Deion. When Daddy is the coach and he loves to see the ball in his son’s hand, and loves what his son says about Deion, that’s what happens. That’s why you run an offense that is all-pass, no one helps the offensive line, you send five guys out in patterns on every play... That’s DADDY trying to say something about DADDY. You’re mistaking it as Deion going ‘I’M JUST TRYING TO PUT MY SON IN POSITION! I’M TRYING TO ELEVATE MY SON!’ No, he’s trying to elevate DEION by elevating his son. I’m about to push another button and I don’t care because it’s just facts... If LaVar Ball had coached his sons in college, this is what it would look like. Deion is nothing more than LaVar Ball with someone who is foolish enough to give him $5-$6 million to coach their team.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why Deion Sanders resembles ‘LaVar Ball’ more than an actual college football coach, with Whitlock saying Coach Prime looks like a helicopter parent coaching pee-wee football, rather than someone warranting a Power 5 head coaching job. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Colorado’s rapid deterioration from their 3-0 record was predictable, and how Sanders is essentially the ringleader of a three-ring circus in Boulder.

Here were Whitlock's FULL comments:

Jason Whitlock: “I know many of you Deion worshipers are in knots and you thought I was done... ‘WHITLOCK TALKING ABOUT DEION AGAIN! THAT’S ALL HE DO, HE’S OBSESSED WITH DEION!’... I did not touch Deion all of last week, and they lost last week too. I just want to put Deion in proper focus. This whole little ‘miracle in Boulder’ and how improved Colorado is, that’s all been a lie and a myth. It’s all been created by social media and corporate media to drive clicks and TV ratings. ‘IT’S INCREDIBLE WHAT DEION HAS DONE! THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME LAST YEAR!’... So far, Deion has not done anything the previous coaches weren't doing routinely at Colorado – winning four games and finishing at the bottom or near the bottom of the Pac-12. That’s where they’re headed right now. ‘BUT LAST YEAR THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME AND THEY WAS GETTING BLOWN OUT IN EVERY GAME LAST YEAR! THESE GAMES HAVE BEEN CLOSE, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? THIS HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE!’... If you watch the games and know what you’re looking at, everything that has gone on with Colorado has been very predictable. If you watched TCU, if you watched Nebraska, if you watched the Colorado State game in particular, all the signs were pointing towards ‘this thing is going to collapse.’ And there was ONE person, ONE show willing to tell you ‘this thing is going to collapse, this isn't headed on the right track, this team is undisciplined, this team doesn’t have a strategy that fits its actual personnel, this team is being coached by a helicopter parent who is running it like a pee-wee football team.' One guy was willing to tell you that and I’ve been vilified and ripped for doing it. This is why I won’t leave this alone, this has bigger implications than just Deion and just the sports world. It actually raises the question, particularly with Black sports fans and with just Black people. Do we have any interest in the truth? Any interest at all? Or do we just want to be lied to? Do we just want to be told what tickles our ear, what makes us feel good? Do we want to be ahead of the competition? Do we wanna be smarter than our enemies? Do we want to be smart enough and informed enough to make rational decisions? Or do we just want to be lied to and told what we wanna hear? Because all of the people that say ‘I’M PRO BLACK AND I WANT BLACK PROGRESS!’... You can’t be ‘pro-Black’ and want Black progress if you want to be lied to and if you require everyone to lie to you, because if someone tells you the truth or tries to put you ahead of the conversation they’re either ‘racist’ or a ‘sellout.’ I get this all the time: ‘YOU HATE YOURSELF, JASON!’... Because I criticize Deion? Because I tell you what’s really going on? Maybe I do that because I actually love Black people and want us ahead of the conversation, and want us pursuing truth, pursuing values, and modeling behavior that consistently leads to progress. Maybe there’s a group of people who want Black people completely uninformed, and completely modeling behavior that leads to failure. I don’t want war with Deion Sanders. I would prefer that Deion unblock me from Twitter and watch this show instead of calling up like a little baby ‘I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT! JASON HATES ME!’... I would prefer him take this constructive criticism and apply it to what he’s doing as a coach. But he has no interest in that like most people have in that. Because he doesn’t want to do what’s difficult. Deion was blessed in the womb with remarkable talent and it made the details of football completely irrelevant, so he doesn’t know how to share the details with someone less talented than himself, which is 99.999% all football players. He doesn't know how to share with them or create an environment where they can grow, develop, and become the best versions of themselves. THAT’S what’s going on at Colorado. When Lil Wayne is leading you out of the locker room, when your sideline is filled up with Offset, and every other rapper and celebrity you can think of, you wonder why your team is distracted? You wonder why they lead the country in penalties? You wonder why there’s no focus and no consistent effort? You’ve invited the circus to your sidelines and your locker room. You got rappers giving pre-game speeches and rapping in the locker room, and you wonder why your team is a hot mess when it comes to discipline? You don’t need to be any type of expert to recognize the kind of chaos Deion invited into his football team. You need to take the racial blinders and celebrity worship blinders off and just evaluate what’s going on, and don’t be mad at the person that’s telling you 'HEY MAN, THIS WON’T WORK.' This would be like me being mad because a trainer says ‘HEY, MAN, DON’T EAT THAT FRIED CHICKEN. IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT DON’T EAT THAT FRIED CHICKEN.’... ‘OH, I HATE YOU! YOU MUST HATE BLACK PEOPLE FOR TELLING ME NOT TO EAT FRIED CHICKEN! HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE MY EATING HABITS! YOU MUST HATE ME!’... ‘No, I’m actually telling you don’t eat the fried chicken because I love you’... I’m telling you what’s going on with Deion Sanders because I care about you and want to open your mind to a biblical worldview. It has a track record of success like no other worldview. You have to have an interest in truth. At some point as Black people we have to be real with ourselves, and quit smearing anybody that questions us as a ‘racist’ or ‘sellout' or we’re going to continue to make mistake, after mistake, after mistake, and fall for every false god. This thing with Deion, everybody that knows anything about football could see where this was headed.” (Full Segment Above) 

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