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Jason Whitlock Compares Deion Sanders to Infamous Cult Leader Jim Jones

Jason Whitlock: “Deion Sanders has more in common with Jim Jones than Nick Saban. Jim Jones, of course, is one of America's most notorious cult leaders. In the 1960s and 70s he used a mashup of Christian theology, Marxism, racial idolatry, and social justice to convince a large group of followers to relocate to a jungle in South America. He promised his congregants they would build an oppression-free paradise in Guyana. A little more than a year after their arrival in Guyana on November 18th, 1978, Jim Jones talked his church members into drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid. 909 people died. 70% of Jones's followers were Black. 45% of them were Black women. Abused Christian theology, Marxism, racial idolatry, and social justice have been combined and used repeatedly to make fools of Black Americans. Too often Black people find racialized religious doctrine irresistible. In hopes of building an oppression-free football paradise in Boulder, Colorado, Deion Sanders has employed the same formula as Jim Jones. Coach Prime cast himself as one cup Evangelical motivator, a tablespoon of racial justice warrior, a gallon of American Idol, and a full-blown useful idiot for Marxists. Throughout the fall, Black celebrities and sports fans flocked to one of the most White locales in America to worship at the foot of their football cult leader, and buying whatever apparel or ‘bull junk’ as Deion says, Coach Prime sold. After a 3-0 start, Deion was ‘Coach Deity’, an untouchable hero, and a threat to Nick Saban as college football's greatest coach. Any critique of Sanders brought allegations of ‘racism’, or race betrayal. ‘Coach Deity’ had turned Colorado's year-long football wine into life-sustaining water. Let me give you an example of Deion's mashup of Christian theology, racial idolatry, and all the little tools that Jim Jones used. Let me give you a little taste how Deion packaged himself, and sold himself to Black America and America at large:

"Don't you ever tell me what God ain't. Don't you ever tell me his limits."

"Everybody. Buf nation who supported us, and all the hood who had my back, I thank ya'll. GOD, THIS IS GOOD."

"What's up, boss, do you believe now?? Hold on, no, no, no... DO YOU BELIEVE NOW??"

"I keep receipts. You better get me right now. This is the worst we're going to be. You better get me right now."

- Deion Sanders

"We didn't even put in the clip how uncomfortable he made White people. Remember how uncomfortable he made everyone because he's walking his walk, and he's talking his talk, and he made everyone uncomfortable? That's Deion Sanders doing his Jim Jones impersonation. This guy is closer to Jim Jones than Nick Saban. Late Friday night and early Saturday morning on November 18th, 2023, 45 years to the day that Jim Jones led a mass suicide, the Coach Prime cult suffered its ‘DeionTown Massacre.’ In the battle for last place in the Pac-12, the Washington State Cougars destroyed Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes, 56-14. For all the hype and bluster, Deion's rebuilt Buffaloes will finish in the same spot as last year's team -- looking up at every other team in its conference. Even with an unlikely victory in its season finale, a game against Utah, Colorado cannot escape the Pac-12 basement. At best, it can finish tied for last place with a 2-7 conference record. For those of you who drank the Coach Prime Kool Aid, thankfully all you will suffer is wounded pride and ego. What I hope is this is a teachable moment about the dangers of falling for a cult of personality, and of pledging allegiance to anyone based on skin color rather than a set of values. Throughout the football season I have been repeatedly ridiculed and demonized for relentlessly criticizing Deion's coaching style and methods. I've been accused of being ‘obsessed’ with the Hall of Fame football legend. My genuine obsession is with sharing a worldview that leads to improved decision making and rids people of their idolatry." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV's Fearless compare Deion Sanders to murderous cult leader Jim Jones, the mastermind behind the infamous 'Jonestown' settlement that led to the brainwashing and killing of 909 of its members, with Whitlock describing how Sanders coerced a large portion of the college football world into foolishly believe he was some sort of football deity.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock called Colorado's 56-14 blowout defeat to lowly Washington State the 'DeionTown Massacre', with the Buffaloes officially in last place of the Pac-12 and appearing like one of the biggest frauds in recent memory after their initial 3-0 start made them out to be this ethereal comeback story.

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