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Jason Whitlock Rips Steven A. Smith After Hyping Up Deion For Texas A&M Job

Stephen A. Smith: “It’ll never happen, I don’t believe it will happen, but let me tell you what should happen. They should buy Primetime Deion Sanders out of his control at Colorado because he ain’t going to get some hogs to show up there. That vault that they got at Texas A&M, that’s oil money down there. Put that brother Primetme Deion Sanders in the SEC, let him get some DOGS, some rough riders, some hogs up in there and watch what we does. He wouldn’t be on a four-game losing streak with a 4-6 record at Texas A&M, I can assure you that.” 

Jason Whitlock: “Deion in last place in the Pac-12 should be the head coach at Texas A&M... Everything about these guys – Stephen A., Deion, Shannon Sharpe – everything about them is about money. More money means you’re more successful. If someone is willing to pay you more, that’s where you go. Money is how they define themselves. Stephen A. doing this – 1. it raises eyebrows with me because he is connected to Deion Sanders, all these media grifters are connected to Deion Sanders, and is this some sort of ploy by Deion to make Colorado have to pay him more? Or does Deion have a sincere interest in the Texas A&M job? I can’t believe that he does. His son Shedeur can’t transfer again. Travis Hunter can’t transfer again, Shilo can’t transfer again... I'm listening to Stephen A. talk, and this is part of my criticism of the entire media industrial complex. We elevate the most uninformed people to the highest platforms, and they’re the ‘authority.’ Stephen A. Smith is the ‘authority.’ He knows nothing about college football, he knows nothing about Texas A&M. Deion Sanders would not fit the brand of Texas A&M at all, and I just can’t imagine he’s planning on leaving his kids and running off to Texas A&M because there’s more money, and leave Shedeur and Shilo to be coached by someone else. Their transfer days are over and this makes no sense. This is an uninformed person or someone who has had a battery put in their back -- ‘hey, let’s help leverage Deion so he can get more money, or force Colorado to spend more money on N.I.L. collectives and the buying of players.' This doesn’t seem like honest commentary at all. This conversation isn't allowed over at ESPN in terms of letting someone informed who actually follows college football, who has actually watched Texas A&M... Do you think Stephen. A or Shannon Sharpe have watched one Texas A&M game this year? ONE? Do they know anyone on the roster? NO. They don’t know anything about the history of it, they don’t know anything about what transpired, the quarterback that got hurt, they don’t know anything about him... They don’t know ANYTHING. This to me feels like Deion has put a battery on Stephen A. Smith’s back and is like ‘hey, we gotta help Prime get a new contract and get Colorado to spend even more money on the football team!’ For this conversation to even be allowed and for Deion not to quickly come out and say ‘hey, man, someone just said something stupid on ESPN’... Because Deion watches all this stuff, he’s on all these shows, and he invites all these people to his games. He needs to put out a statement saying ‘this is crazy, my sons are here, I’m committed to Colorado, we’re just in year 1’... But we all know Deion is very capable of doing a press conference and saying ‘GOD TOLD ME TO GO TO COLLEGE STATION AND ABANDON MY KIDS. I DID MY JOB AT COLORADO, LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY I RAISED FOR THEM, AND LOOK AT THE TV RATINGS, MY JOB IS DONE THERE, I'M ONTO COLLEGE STATION BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME TO DO IT!’” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless mock ESPN studio host Stephen A. Smith after a monologue Stephen A did on Deion Sanders possibly leaving Colorado to pursue the vacant Texas A&M job in the wake of Jimbo Fisher’s firing. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls out Stephen A. for such making such an ‘uninformed’ take that makes Whitlock believe that Coach Prime may have reached out to Stephen A. beforehand to leverage a better contract at Colorado.  

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