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Rob Parker Makes His Early Prediction For Super Bowl Champion

Rob Parker: “On paper you look at the Ravens and say, ‘man, FINALLY, Lamar with the contract in his back pocket isn't an issue anymore, he’s healthy – not an issue anymore, they got receivers – not an issue anymore, we know about the defense and the playmakers, not an issue anymore, John Harbaugh has already won a Super Bowl, you got everything in place'. I’m convinced now more than ever the Baltimore Ravens are the real deal, and I feel 10x better about my pick that they will win the Super Bowl. I really believe they are going to win the Super Bowl when I look at this team, especially because they can win in so many ways. Everything doesn’t always work and sometimes you need a defense to make a stop and make a play. Sometimes you need somebody to rush and get the big first down and keep the clock moving. Sometimes you need somebody to throw a touchdown late in the game, or you need a field goal... Whatever it is, they have it, including the coach, who I have confidence in. In six of their games this year they have allowed three points or fewer in the first half. In this NFL where everybody is slinging a rock around that’s incredible to me. The Ravens have allowed an NFL-best 15.5 points per game, their fewest through 12 games since 2006.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple explain why he’s more confident than ever in his preseason Super Bowl prediction. 

Check out the segment above as Rob details why the 9-3 Ravens, now with the AFC’s best record, should be considered the team to beat despite Lamar Jackson's 1-3 career record in the postseason.

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