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Jason Whitlock Blasts 'Deion Groupies' Still Praising Colorado's 4-8 Record

Jason Whitlock: “Deion doesn’t have to be consistent for the Deion groupies. All Deion has to be is popular, cool, full of swag, and promoting rap culture. The key ingredient, obviously, is Deion has to be Black. His skin has to remain dark. As long as his skin remains dark, he’s cool, he wears gold chains, and he promotes hip hop and rap culture, Deion can do no wrong. There are no standards for him. ‘HE WON THREE MORE GAMES THAN LAST YEAR! NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL! A 1-11 TEAM GOING 4-8 THE NEXT YEAR! THAT’S NEVER HAPPENED!’... Oh... Northwestern went 1-11 last year, they have a first-time head coach that took over for Pat Fitzgerald, and Northwestern won 7 games this year. ‘BUT THAT COACH, HE’S NOT BLACK! HE’S NOT HIP HOP! HE’S NOT COOL! HE DOESN’T WEAR GOLD CHAINS AND SUNGLASSES!’... Oh... In 2013, Mike MacIntyre took over a 1-11 Colorado team and went 4-8, finished in last place – the exact same record as Deion. ‘HE’S NOT BLACK! HE’S NOT COOL!’... It just didn’t hit the same, it didn’t feel the same. What ‘really matters’ is what RG III tweeted out. ‘NO ONE IN HISTORY HAS GONE FROM 1-11 TO 4-8 WHILE ATTRACTING AS MANY VIEWERS AND AS MUCH ATTENDANCE AS DEION!’... So, Deion is ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘making history’ because the evaluation of Deion isn’t about wins and losses, it’s not about quality of play, it’s not about ANY of those things... Deion is going to be evaluated based on ‘attendance.’ He’s going to be evaluated like he’s the marketing and sales department of Colorado. ‘HE’S AN UNBELIEVABLE SUCCESS AT TICKET SALES!’, and so nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter if his words make any sense on a week-to-week basis. ‘COLORADO SOLD OUT GAMES! RAPPERS CAME TO THE GAME! IT WAS FUN TO WATCH COLORADO!’... And that’s all that matters. The fact that Bill McCartney won a National Championship there -- ‘WELL, YOU CAN’T DO THAT ANYMORE! NO ONE CAN WIN AT COLORADO! TICKET SALES ARE ALL THAT MATTERS!’... The fact Gary Barnett went to a bowl game virtually every year -- ‘THOSE ARE UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS! THOSE EXPECTATIONS OF WINNING CONSISTENTLY ARE FOR WHITE PEOPLE!’... When you’re Black you don’t have to win, you have to create a circus and sell tickets, that’s what really matters. That’s the standard we’re holding Deion to. Did he create a circus and did people come and see the circus? That’s Deion’s standard.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out ESPN college football analyst Robert Griffin III and the rest of the Deion Sanders ‘groupies’ in the sports media who are trying to act like Coach Prime’s 4-8, last-place Pac-12 finish rookie season in Colorado was some sort of remarkable achievement.  

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks Deion’s skin color is the only reason this story is relevant in the first place, saying a White coach winning seven games after a one-win season the previous year, a feat just accomplished by Northwestern head coach David Braun, wasn’t sexy enough for the media to obsess over. 

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