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Colin Cowherd Says Jim Harbaugh is 'Completely in Ohio State's Head'

Colin Cowherd: "College football coaches are cliche machines... Yesterday was your classic question to say something nice about Ryan Day, a coach that Jim Harbaugh now controls, and here's Harbaugh in action:

Reporter:"What would you say is your respect level for Ryan Day and their staff?"

Jim Harbaugh: "It's all about our preparation for Ohio. The days, the minutes, the hours, everything leading up to the game, that's where our focus is. Preparing ourselves, our planning, going to practice and then execute, so I mean, anything else is irrelevant."

Cowherd: "Would not budge an inch. Harbaugh is completely in Ohio State's head. They are absolutely convinced 'HE IS ONLY WINNING DOING IT WITH CHEATING!'... Nah, bro, that's not it. Ohio State's run-game is 8th in the Big Ten. Not in the country, it's 8th in the Big Ten. Michigan has one of the nation's best run-games, number two in Power 5 in rushing touchdowns. Why does that matter? The last 21 times Michigan and Ohio State have played the team who rushed for more yards won. Ohio State's offense the last several years has gotten fancy over physical, speed over power. The better o-line is Michigan. The coach more convinced you have to run to win is Michigan. The more consistent run-game is Michigan. The last two meetings Michigan has out-rushed Ohio State by 342 yards, and this is the best version of Michigan's run-game. 'IT'S CHEATING! IT'S SIGNALS!'... You keep talking about that, you keep believing it, you keep going to your message boards, and you convince yourself that's it. Ohio State has gotten more fancy, Michigan has gotten more physical. Ohio State has gotten faster, Michigan has gotten more physical. Ohio State thinks it's cheating, Michigan has gotten more physical. They're just more than ever committed to physical football. They have a potential first-round quarterback and against Penn State they said 'we're not going to attempt a pass.' That was a message to the Big Ten 'WE'RE NOT GOING TO GO FANCY. LET COLUMBUS DO THAT. WE GO PHYSICAL.' We all acknowledge how good CJ Stroud is, and they couldn't beat Michigan with CJ Stroud. This quarterback is 14 points per game less than CJ Stroud, and now you go on the road against a Michigan team that has 20 NFL players? 21 straight times 'physical' beats everything else in this game. Physical always wins in this game and Ohio State is EIGHTH in the Big Ten in rushing. Harbaugh was in Pete Carroll's head while he was at Stanford, and he's in Ohio State's head now."

Watch Colin Cowherd preview the upcoming Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry game that will determine who will represent the Big Ten East in the conference championship game against no. 20 ranked Iowa on December 2nd.

Check out the segment above as Colin discusses why he believes the Wolverines have finally taken the upper hand in this rivalry that previously had titled towards the Buckeyes the last decade, and why he thinks Jim Harbaugh is now 'in Ohio State's head.'

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